Friday, July 2, 2010

First Level Subroadbed Complete!

Completed cutting and installed the final subroaded for the first level at Bureau, IL tonight.  I'm very pleased with progress so far. 

Also, I went ahead and ordered 72ft of Micro Engineering Code 55 track this afternoon.  This will at least get me started.  I will order more as it becomes available at MB Klein. 

Cleaned the layout room thoroughly tonight.  It looks great now!!  It was well overdue for a cleaning.

Grain elevator just west of the entrance to the Bureau siding

Bureau Passenger Station and Bader Ag (small farm supply facility)

Another view of the grain elevator near Bureau.  The turnout on the right is the entrance to the siding.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Subroadbed Installation Progress 06.30.10

Completed installation of all the cut subroadbed (up to this point) from the Mississippi River up through West Bureau, IL.  The layout is progressing nicely.  My next goal is to continue the subroadbed project from West Bureau to the bottom of the ovalix.  This will complete all subroadbed on the first level. 

Rock Island, IL

West Rock Island, IL
New Atlas Curved Turnout

East Rock Island, IL
Line crosses itself here (to the left is the Mississippi River)

McKee Creek Bridge
Ahead in the curve is Franklin Farms

The curve at Franklin Farms

Looking west at the curve at Franklin Farms

Overall view of the line from the Mississippi (right) up to Rock Island, IL (left)

Line off the Mississippi River bridge (bottom) and Rock Island, IL (top)

Standing at the eastern bank of the Mississippi River looking east toward McKee Creek and eventually Rock Island, IL

Monday, June 28, 2010

Subroadbed Update 06.28.10

I haven't updated in a while, but progress has been made.  All the subroadbed has been cut from the Mississippi River up through Bureau, IL.  The last and largest portion of this section at Rock Island was cut this evening.  My goal is to get the subroadbed installed before this weekend.  I will post pics once it is all installed.