Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coal is King on the ROCK!

You have often heard that coal is king!  Well any upstanding layout would not be complete without at least one coal train.  With the recent inflow of cash from the sale of the 40' steel reefers, the CRI&P Acquisition Team has been on a mission. 

The CRI&P has ordered 12 Atlas ACF Coalveyor coal hoppers.  The Coalveyor was manufactured by ACF Industries in 1978.  Production continued until 1982.  Commonly referred to as a bathtub gon, the ACF design was intended to lower car weight, lower initial and maintenance costs and provide a longer car life.  The car provides a 4,240 Cu Ft capacity. 

With the train originating in Wyoming, crews on the CRI&P will board it in West Davenport.  The train will travel to Joliet passing the CB&Q interlocking, back onto the CB&Q tracks and crossover the CRI&P.  The empties will return via the same route.  Typical power will be 3 to 4 GP7s.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Industry Update 12.12.10

CRI&P Management has been notified this morning that a new machine shop will be constructed in Stockdale, IL.  Billy J. Hucks Machine & Welding (more commonly known as Huck's Machine Shop) will go online in January.  They will receive steel by truck and ship out machined parts and steel girders via rail.  Proprietor Bill Hucks is a seasoned craftsman who takes great pride in his work.  The Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad looks forward to many years serving the Huck's Machine Shop.