Friday, April 22, 2011

Progress Report 04.22.11

I'm still fighting a sinus infection/cough, but am heavily medicated now.  That makes for some good progress on the layout.  :-)

Tonight, I cut in a switch for the engine shop track on the old Burr Oak Yard run around track.  Track and roadbed were laid into the new engine shop.

I worked on the parking lot for the coal dealer in Joliet.  I'm really pleased with how the scenery is coming together.  Joliet is my favorite place on the layout.  I love the complexity of the switching and layout of the town.

I'm hoping to post some pictures this weekend.  I'm really stoked about the progress!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Progress Report 04.21.11

Although I have been fighting a sinus infection/cough, while waiting for the girls to brush their teeth or get ready, I would manage to do a little on the layout.  It is all about time management.  Even 5 minutes here and there can add up.

I completed the road construction in Bureau where the Wyzas' sisters reside.  The road has been painted and driveways created.  The houses are identical, cars are identical, but different colors for both.

I created the driveway/roads for Farmers Grain in Bureau and Joliet Grain Co.

I also trimmed the roads in Blue Island.  I tend to construct the roads with joint compound, paint and then trim down with a chisel.  The end result seems to work well. 

I'm nearly done with the road projects.  I have sidewalks to add, but if they don't get installed that is fine.  I would like to finish the little bit of plaster cloth work in Joliet.  I have more to do on the layout, but the webbing for this section is already installed.

I still have three weeks before the next op session to work on various projects.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Progress Report 04.18.11

I have been feeling under the weather this weekend, plus have been really busy with other activities.  I really enjoyed operating on the CR&E Saturday.  As always, a great source of inspiration!

Over the past few days, I added a staging track in Burr Oak Yard (Chicago), added more streets in Blue Island completing the street running scene, painted the roads in Blue Island, working on adding some roads in Bureau (specifically up by Aunt Maude and her sister's house).  Glued all the Blair Line grade crossings.

It appears that I might be adding a small engine shop track in Blue Island to accommodate three sets of power.

Below are photos of the progress:

New turnout added for staging track in Burr (old) Oak Yard

New staging track plus engine servicing facility location.  Track is not in yet.

Street running in Blue Island!

General Electric Plant in Davenport, IA

Davenport Industrial Park