Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Solo Op Session Notes 07.13.11

Finished up the second solo op session since changing to the new waybill system.  I'm very pleased with the results. 

a) the randomness of car deliveries is unpredictable.
b) distribution of cars among all the trains seems much better.  
    i. traffic on the N&W and CNW branches have increased greatly!
c) I was concerned that locals wouldn't have enough to do if not absolutely laded down with deliveries.
    i. I have found that it still takes time to run the train prototypically and make the appropriate moves to deliver the cars.  

Overall, I think the changes will provide a fun, less stressful, but still challenging experience for operators. 

During my op session this evening, I needed to move an extra cut of cars up to Chicago for the next op session.  As Trainmaster, I authorized an over tonnage train from Davenport to Chicago.  The train consisted of four Bachmann GP7s, 17 cars plus one caboose.  The four GP7s ran flawlessly pulling the train up the steep grade.  I was concerned about the movement as that is a lot of stress going up the ovalix, but all worked out well.  It was an impressive meet at Joliet (longest siding) with the westbound freight.  The train barely fit between the switches on the main.   It was really neat to run a long train this evening. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Otis Elevator's new sign

Otis Elevator constructed their sign early this evening.  See pics below.