Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Progress Report 09.28.10 Part Deux

Continued progress today...
Drilled holes in 31 slide switches.  Soldered feeders to the slide switches.  Cut, crimped and tested 6-pair RJ12 cables for the NCE DCC throttle jacks.

Progress Report 09.28.10

Progress has been slow as family related business has occupied most of my time.  I keep chugging away at it though.  Three slide switches are installed (without electrical connections to the bus).  This morning before work, I cut and stripped forty sets of feeder wires for the slide switches.  Tonight, I hope to work on drilling holes in the slide switches and soldering the feeders to prepare for installation.

There is a lot of soldering that has to be completed with the layout.  Once all the slide switches are installed there will be a big soldering push to knock it out.  It appears we are still on schedule for operating on November 20th. 

I failed to mention, but the other night I drilled holes for nearly all the 70 or so slide switches on the layout benchwork. 

Car Department Report:
All cars have now received replacement wheels and trip pins cut as required.  Once soldering is complete cars will be matched with car cards and waybills and placed on the layout.