Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goals Update 11.17.10

Time to reflect back on our goals set back in August. I'm happy to report that we completed most of our goals.

CRI&P Goals (before Nov 20th, 2010):
Design Blue Island track configuration (Complete)
Purchase and complete all track installation for Phase I (Complete)
Drop and solder all feeder wires (Complete)
Purchase and install all tortoise switch machines
   (Changed - will utilize SPDT slide switches - Complete)
Industrial Trackage will need slide switches installed, but this can wait (Complete)
Paint and install blue backdrop for entire layout (put on hold)
Purchase and install all decoders for remaining locomotives (Short 5 locomotives)
Install low profile wheel sets, cut all trip pins on all cars (Complete)
Purchase/install DCC plug-in jacks (Complete)
Purchase/borrow additional throttle (Complete)
Install, paint fascia. (put on hold)
Install waybill boxes (4 Installed, Remaining yet to be purchased)
Create waybills (Complete)
Stage Layout (Complete)

Not bad.  I'm glad I set my goals high so that I have something to strive for.  It is ok I didn't get everything completed.  If I would have set my goals low, I would have achieved little.

Progress Report 11.17.10 - T Minus 3 Days

This morning, I continued work on the layout cleaning the remaining track.  I also tested the remaining locomotives.  All paperwork is complete.  All seems well.  The CRI&P reports it is officially ready to operate!!  The ROCK comes alive in 3 days! 

Progress Report 11.16.10 - T Minus 4 Days

Worked on the layout this morning cleaning the track thoroughly from the Mississippi River up to West Joliet.  I also marked all held cars at industries for loading/unloading with paper clips.

This evening, I cleaned the track from Joliet to Chicago.  I still have Davenport Yard and West Davenport to complete.

I test ran some equipment the length of the layout and back.  All seemed to run well once the track was clean. I utilized two of my lovely assistants Elizabeth and Sarah to help test the equipment.  They are already qualified as junior operators.  I had the locomotive speed set pretty high to give them a good workout.  When I handed the throttle over to Elizabeth she slowed it down to prototypical speeds looked at me and smiled.  Sarah has the ability to stop a locomotive at the exact point where it needs to be.  Both exercised a lot of control in operating.  Daddy was so proud!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Progress Report 11.15.10 - T Minus 5 Days

I worked on the layout for about 45 minutes this morning before heading off to work.  I tested clearance on all the feeder wire solder joints with a freight car and filed down as required. 

I connected the wireless, but the throttle was acting flaky this morning even though I had replaced with new batteries.  The antenna had broken off a while back.  It might need some repair.

Later this evening, I revisited the issue with the throttle.  I got out the krazy glue and re-affixed the antenna.  Tested this evening and it appears to be running much better.  Another task complete.

Tomorrow, I will proceed with cleaning the track.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Progress Report 11.14.10 - T Minus 6 Days

Construction is complete! The clean-up begins along with final preparations for the op session.

A test train was run from Rock Island up to Chicago this evening.  The train ran very well.  I'm so excited to see my creation come alive!