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Op Session Report 05.14.11

Received an early morning call stating one of the operators wouldn't be able to make it.  I hate he wasn't able to attend, but I surely understand the circumstances.  He was missed, but we were able to work it out. 

#13 & #14 Peoria Rocket Second Section trains were annulled.  The CNW Clinton-Davenport Local was annulled.

Marcus started off the session engineering the XtrFE out of Davenport Yard with two N&W RS11s and one RI GP7.  Larry was out next on the XtrFW out of Chicago with two GP40s and one U25B.  The dispatcher was running Larry like a scolded dog shuffling him down the road as fast as he could.  Larry pulled into the siding at Bureau clearing just in time (and I mean just in time ~ headlight in sight) of the #12 Peoria Rocket engineered by Steven.  Great running by Larry keeping 'em safe and no delays to the passenger train.

Steven pulled into Bureau for his station stop and then backed out on the wye before heading east to Chicago.  He had the road for the remainder of his journey into Chicago.  Larry continued on with priority over most trains due to his size.  He was well over tonnage hanging out on every siding he passed.  Marcus expertly handled his train obeying the 10m rule of not blocking crossings in Rock Island.  He pulled up short of the first crossing in town and then slowly pulled ahead as the headlight was visible from Larry's XtrFW arriving in town.  The scenario provided a great rolling meet through Rock Island.  Residents of the town praise the quality engineers hired by the Rock. 

#6 Quad Cities Rocket was delayed 2 hours to an unruly passenger in Davenport.  The passenger Timmy Johnson was taken into custody by the Davenport police department.  Steven engineered the train into Chicago without further incident.

Larry was called out on the Extra Grain East with 13 cars out of Davenport.  Unfortunately due to budget cuts, crews are required to sort their own cars before leaving town.  Larry was in town 2hrs 15m for sorting plus switching out the one local elevator.  The Extra Grain train is acquiring a reputation.  Crews have mentioned that they will start marking off when that train is called in the future.  Marcus is still disputing his denied labor claims from his last trip where he went on the law operating the train for the legal max of 12 hours. 

Thirty minutes later, Marcus was called out on the Stockdale Local.  Steven was called out shortly after arriving into Chicago on the Quad Cities Rocket for the Peoria Local.  All three were quite busy for hours switching industries.  The Extra Grain East met up with the Stockdale Local in Stockdale.  The CEO was cocky thinking he had the Peoria Local whipped.  Reality quickly whipped the CEO into shape as his own design quickly brought him to his knees.  One thing crews have found operating the Rock, never assume that the desired move will be simple.  9 out of 10 times it is not as it may seem.

Crews broke for a BBQ lunch.

After lunch, Steven was able to make quick work completing his run to Rock Island and tying up the Peoria Local in Davenport.

To the crew's dismay, it was heard over the radio that a Extra West Empty Coal train was called out of Chicago.  Steven took the SD35 set light out of Chicago to the AT&SF North Yard.  The train was backed onto the Rock and pulled into the siding at Joliet.  Traffic was up ahead in Stockdale with both the Stockdale Local and Extra Grain West (return trip) were in town.  The Extra Grain West cleared up and received some track time west into Bureau.  The dispatcher granted permission to the Extra Coal West to follow the grain train down the ovalix overtaking it in Bureau.  The Extra Grain West performed it's final work in Bureau as the Extra Coal West eased into the siding at Rock Island.  The train tied up here for quite some time breaking the train to prevent blocking the crossings. 

Steven was called out to engineer the #5 Quad Cities Rocket.  The Quad Cities Rocket eased by Marcus at Stockdale as he finished up his work.  He had a quick trip back to Chicago. 

Not minutes after wrapping up his classification work at Davenport on the Extra Grain West, Larry was called out for the #11 Peoria Rocket.  The train left the station 30 minutes late. 

Marcus was called out on high priority Extra Pig East with two N&W high-nose SD35s.  We're happy to report the train was delivered without incident this time.  Last time, a few trailers had their roofs ripped off plus a few came off the flat car.  Rock Management tried to cover up the incident by returning the damaged trailers to the flat cars acting like nothing ever happened.

Steven was called out on XtrFE2 with two GP40s and one GP7.  Steven dropped one car at Davenport, but picked up six running heavy at 14 cars east.  Before he was able to depart the yard, his locomotive set shut down.  The power set was set off and new power was placed on the train consisting of two GP40s and one U25B.  XtrFE2 encountered some issues with a broken knuckle on the ovalix sending a runaway of 12 cars down the ovalix at a high rate of speed.  In turn, a spectacular derailment occurred.  Hulcher was called out to rerail the cars.  Crews will surely not forget soon the train mishandlings of the CEO.  Once rerailed, XtrFE2 was able to safely engineer the train into Chicago without further incident.

Larry was called out for the inaugural run of the N&W Peoria to Davenport local.  The train was lead by a single GP20 and 7 cars including the caboose.  The train was brought to its knees climbing the grade out of Peoria.  After two attempts of tackling the hill Larry decided to double the hill utilizing the wye at Bureau.  After doubling the hill, his journey into Davenport to swap blocks of cars was pretty uneventful.

Marcus was called out on XtrFW2 with GP38-2 and U25B.  He had clear sailing to the east bank of the Mississippi River where he was held for the N&W Peoria Local to clear up the A/D track.  Once clear, XtrFW2 was able to pull into Davenport Yard to perform his setoff/pickup.  The N&W Peoria Local slipped out the back door heading back to Peoria unmet by any other train.

Steven was called out on the last train a very late Blue Island Local.  The train performed his switching duties without incident or having to clear for passing traffic.

Larry was called out to complete the Extra Coal West train's journey into West Davenport off the railroad.  

It was a great session.  Thanks to Larry and Marcus for their expert prototypical train handling. 

Train Recap (engineer ~ on duty/off duty ~ total time):
XtrFE ~ Marcus ~ 04:30a / 08:18a ~ 3hrs 48m
XtrFW ~ Larry ~ 05:15a / 07:48a ~ 2hrs 33m
#12 Peoria Rocket ~ Steven ~ 06:00a / 07:44a ~ 1hr 44m
#6 Quad Cities Rocket ~ Steven ~ 08:15a / 10:19a ~ 2hr 4m
Grain Extra ~ Larry ~ 08:15a / 18:45p ~ 10hrs 30m
Stockdale Local ~ Marcus ~ 08:45a / 07:03p ~ 10hrs 18m
Peoria Local ~ Steven ~ 10:45a / 03:38p ~ 4hrs 53m
Extra Coal West ~ Steven ~ 03:45p / 5:15p ~ 1hr 30m
#5 Quad Cities Rocket ~ Steven ~ 05:15p / 07:18p ~ 2hrs 3m 
#11 Peoria Rocket ~ Larry ~ 07:00p / 08:28p ~ 1hr 28m
Extra Pig East ~ Marcus ~ 07:15p / 08:48p ~ 1hr 33m
XtrFE2 ~ Steven ~ 07:25p / 9:55p ~ 2hrs 30m
N&W Davenport Local ~ Larry ~ 08:53p / 11:30p ~ 2hrs 37m
XtrFW2 ~ Marcus ~ 08:55p / 12:10a ~ 3hrs 15m
Blue Island Local ~ Steven ~ 10:11p / 12:10a ~ 1hr 59m
Xtra Coal West ~ Larry ~ 11:35p / 12:00a ~ 0hr 25m

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Progress Report 05.12.11

Finished road testing the locomotives. Constructed "UD" Tower in Joliet and the Oakley Grain storage shed at Deverne, IL.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A CRI&P Photo Tribute: 1st Year Anniversary

As requested by a few dedicated fans, attached are photos (all 130 of them) of the layout from Davenport to Chicago.

A brief summary of the layout.  I model the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad from 1972 to 1978 from Davenport, IA to Chicago, IL.  The towns are real, but I have exercised my modeling license greatly to fit my personal desires.  Modeled industries are typical for the region.  I started construction Memorial Day Weekend 2010.  I'm amazed by the progress made since then.  I have long aspired to have a layout to operate and finally my dream has come true.  The layout continues to be a work in progress.  Visible progress will slow as now more detail work will begin including scenery, weathering of equipment, etc. 

I owe much gratitude to Marcus Neubacher and Larry Keller for their assistance in converting to N scale from HO and for design and construction.  They have been a tremendous asset to making my dream come true.

This Saturday will be my third operating session.  Operating Sessions require 4 operators running a total of 19 trains (4 General Freight, 6 Passenger, 6 Locals, 1 Grain Road Local, 1 Coal, 1 Intermodal train).  We operate on a 4:1 time clock (15m = 1hr).  The session typically takes 4 hours to run plus a 1hr lunch break.  With the addition of the N&W Peoria Branch, most likely we will increase to 5 operators. 

Welcome to the ROCK!

West Davenport, IA Staging Yard
Quad Cities Rocket, Eastbound Pig Train, XtrFE2, XtrFE

Looking East from West Davenport Yard. 
Continental Grain Elevactor and Iowa Ready Mix on the Right

Continental Grain Elevator ~ Davenport, IA
Iowa Ready Mix ~ Davenport, IA

One of the new Rock Island "Boom Time" Blue Grain Hoppers

Iowa Ready Mix ~ Davenport, IA

Looking West back toward West Davenport Yard
Iowa Read Mix ~ Davenport, IA
Continental Grain Co ~ Davenport, IA

Davenport, IA Yard
Carrie Ave Shops to the Left
(View from top of Continental Grain Elevator)

A telephoto view of Carrie Ave Shops from the top of the Continental Grain Elevator
E8A and GP40 in the Back Shop for Repair

High/Wide Load on the Eastbound pickup track

E8A #644 and GP40 #367 in for repairs at Carrie Ave Shops

Carrie Ave Shops ~ Davenport Yard

Davenport Yard looking West

New "Boom Time" Blue Bay Window Caboose

Our Yardmaster is OCD lining his cars up in the class tracks with precision

Davenport, IA Station ~ Walthers Clarkesville Depot

East Davenport Industrial Park ~ Davenport, IA

Teamster Truck rules permit trucks to load holding up the local until 11am daily
Davenport Freight House ~ Davenport, IA

Southern Railway Trailer
Davenport Freight House ~ Davenport, IA

Davenport Freight House ~ Davenport, IA

Electrolux ~ Davenport, IA
DPM Models Kit built by Larry Keller

General Electric Co. ~ Davenport, IA
DPM Woods Furniture Kit

Consumers Ice & Fuel Co ~ Davenport, IA
Walthers Golden Flame Co. Kit

Helicopter view of East Davenport Industrial Park ~ Davenport, IA

A view across the Mississippi River east to Illinois

The Mississippi River Bridge Crossing from the Illinois Side

The grade climbing out of the Mississippi River basin

Franklin Farms outside of Rock Island, IL
Named after my "adopted" (wife's) grandparents Eulice & Mavis Franklin

Eulice's family car sitting out the family home

The Franklin Farm home

Looking from the fields back toward the Franklin's house

Up on the bluff looking down across the field toward the house

The Franklin's front porch where many family get togethers take place.
The stories that could be told from this porch.
Gallons upons gallons of homemade ice cream made here each summer.

A helicopter view of Franklin Farms and the grade up from the Mississippi River

The curve into Rock Island, IL

The rural road crossing at Rock Island, IL

Blair Line wood grade crossings

Putnam Oil Company ~ Rock Island, IL
Named after the street my in-laws live on

Intermountain Great Northern 40' Box Car at Sunrise Feed Mill, Rock Island, IL

Sunrise Feed Mill ~ Rock Island, IL

The complex track arrangment at Rock Island, IL
It gets operators every time!

Downtown Rock Island, IL
Bar Mills Sidewalks

Downtown Rock Island, IL

Barlow Pharmacy ~ Rock Island, IL
Named after one of my best friends from High School Andy Barlow

Looking down the industrial trackage from the Johnson Milling Co spur
Rock Island, IL

Downtown Rock Island, IL

Main Street ~ Rock Island, IL

Around the curve from Rock Island in West Bureau, IL

Farmers Grain Co. ~ West Bureau, IL

Farmers Grain Co. ~ West Bureau, IL

West Bureau Siding Switch
The Wyzas' Sisters Homes up on the bluff in the background

The Wyzas' Sisters ~ Bureau, IL
Both the Quad Cities Rocket and Peoria Rocket make stops in this town solely for these two residents.
The two hate each other so much that they require different trains to ride to Chicago daily.
The special arrangements are made only due to the sisters being relatives of the CEO.

Bureau Station ~ Bureau, IL

Bureau Station ~ Bureau, IL

Looking toward East Bureau ~ End of Siding ~ Entrance to Ovalix

The Ovalix connecting the lower and upper levels
Estimated 3.8% grade

The Wye at East Bureau, IL

Future Peoria, IL

Future Peoria, IL

Central Stone Co ~ Chambersburg, IL ~ N&W Meredosia Branch

Billy J Hucks Machine Shop ~ Stockdale, IL
Named after my uncle Bill Hucks

Illinois Valley Grain Co ~ Stockdale, IL

Empty Grain Truck ~ Illinois Valley Grain Co ~ Stockdale, IL

West Stockdale, IL

View from top of Illinois Valley Grain looking east toward Stockdale

View from ADM Milling Co in Stockdale looking back West

View from the Archer Daniels Midland Elevator looking West
Stockdale, IL

Archer Daniels Midland Elevator ~ Stockdale, IL

ADM Milling Co ~ Stockdale, IL

ADM Milling Co ~ Stockdale, IL

Missouri Pacific Truck passing ADM Milling Co ~ Stockdale, IL

Archer Daniels Midland ~ Stockdale, IL

Hwy 104 into Stockdale, IL

Bader Ag Inc ~ Stockdale, IL

Bader Ag Inc ~ Stockdale, IL

Santa Fe Trailer in front of Bader Ag Inc ~ Stockdale, IL

The Majestic Theater ~ Stockdale, IL

Downtown Stockdale, IL

The Majestic Theater ~ Stockdale, IL

Downtown Stockdale, IL

Looking West into the sun ~ Downtown Stockdale, IL

Helicopter view of Stockdale, IL in the background

Helicopter view of the peninsula

Grain truck unloading at Joliet Grain Co ~ Joliet, IL

Helicopter view of the Peninsula

Chicago Express Trailer at Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Wood Chip Hoppers ~ Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

The curve by Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

A helicopter view of Joliet, IL

Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

The wood chip piles at Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Frederickson Truck loading paper rolls at Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Frederickson Trailer loading paper rolls at Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

View from top of Kraft Mill ~ Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Hotel District ~ Joliet, IL
View from top of Kraft Mill ~ Midwest Paper Stock Co ~ Joliet, IL

Joliet, IL

Complex industrial trackage at Joliet, IL

Hotel Windsor ~ Joliet, IL

Looking East ~ Joliet Station ~ Joliet, IL

Aerial View of Joliet, IL

Main Street ~ Joliet, IL

Main Street ~ Joliet, IL

Main Street ~ Joliet, IL
American Can Co on Left
American Service Co on Right

American Service Co ~ Joliet, IL

Looking west into the sun ~ Joliet, IL

Aerial view of east Joliet, IL~ UD Tower ~ AT&SF Interlocking

West Blue Island, IL

Indiana Harbor Belt Crossing ~ Blue Island, IL

Indiana Harbor Belt Crossing ~ Blue Island, IL

Blue Island Station ~ IHB Crossing ~ Blue Island, IL

Midwest Lumber Co ~ Blue Island, IL

Main Street ~ Street Running ~ Blue Island, IL

Blue Island Freight House ~ Blue Island, IL

Aerial view of Blue Island, IL

Main Street ~ Street Running ~ Blue Island, IL

Main Street ~ Street Running ~ Blue Island, IL
Looks like Mavis Franklin is in town for some grocery shopping

Main Street ~ Street Running ~ Blue Island, IL

Looking west from the staging yards at Blue Island, IL

Downtown Blue Island, IL

Looking East toward the Staging Yards at Blue Island, IL

Burr Oak Yard ~ Chicago, IL

The Rock Island Cabooses lined up for the latest assignments

Notice to visitors

Another overall view of the layout room

Another overall view of the layout room