Sunday, August 30, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Let's Get Busy!

So, late last night, I was up working out the details of the track plan in Peoria as well as working on some modification details to Utica.  In reality, Utica had a small yard.  I never learned of this until well after I had laid the track unfortunately.

So, here's the updated plan for Peoria:

Updated plan for Utica:

All materials have been ordered for the track installation.  They should be here early next week.  

Updated all the paperwork for the next op session.  Major changes are dealing with #113 switcher and tab instructions, as well as the Utica Switcher that now starts in Utica vs. LaSalle Yard previously.  See below for samples of my crew instructions.

Saturday morning, I tore out the tracks where the future Bureau Junction station will reside.  I only had about ten minutes to work, so I didn't get a lot completed.

Here is the site of the throat of the former LaSalle Yard.  The station now resides were the two yard tracks were.

A view of the former yard throat tracks.  Notice how the LaSalle drop leaf yard lines up currently.  That is about to change.

Saturday, during the day, I had the pleasure operating my friend Larry's Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad layout.  I worked Warwick Yard and had the chance to run Larry's latest Atlas Alco S-2 units.  Those run like a dream!  I may need to pick up a pair for my layout and re-think my Micro Trains SW1500 project.

Sunday morning, I worked on cutting the lift out section, but I had major difficulties thinking straight.  Measure once, but cut twelve times.  Then, when I finally get it right, I forgot I had to move over the LaSalle Yard drop leaf section.  Sadness!  Gave up on the idea of completing the lift out section today.  I'll work on that again tomorrow.  I need to pick up another board.  

Moved the LaSalle Yard section over by one track.  I needed to do this for the new Silvis Storage track that would be on the north side of the double track mainline.  

Originally, the far left track of the LaSalle Staging yard met up with the track along the wall.  That mainline track was cut back and a switch put in its place.  It has not been glued yet though.

Another view showing the different alignment.

I managed to get all the tracks realigned, cut, glued down and ground throws installed on the former LaSalle Yard drop leaf section.  

Tonight, I started re-staging the layout.  I have all my pickups ready.  Now, working on deliveries. 

Goals Update
So, this is what I need to accomplish in the next 15 days.  
  • Tear down old TV cabinet off wall
  • Construct new Peoria Section and Lift Out piece
  • Install new turnout for Peoria Storage Track
  • Re-work track at LaSalle for Bureau Junction
  • Lay Track in Peoria
  • Wire up and install all new Caboose Ground Throws for new Section
  • Install new Sand Clean out Track
  • Install Tortoise Switch Machines at Crossover in East Ottawa Yard
  • Repair three broken turnout points on old turnouts.
  • Add new crossover at East Utica.
  • Add new crossover to access Utica Storage Track.
  • Stage Layout
  • Clean Track 
  • Clean Locomotives

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