Friday, November 11, 2011

Ready to ROCK!

The layout is staged and ready to go.  #20 Houston to Davenport train arrived during the "night" and has been classified by the late night yard crew.  The morning Trainmaster report shows a request for a second section of #2 Tucumcari to Chicago freight. 

It's time to ROCK!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Progress Report 11.07.11

Finished sanding and painting the driveway for Peoria Journal Star.

Otis Elevator has rose from the ashes of Davenport Yard.   The structure is the second largest on the layout outsized only by the Midwest Paper Stock Company.

Spools of cable are being unloaded at the plant.
Finished cleaning the track and worked on testing the locomotives.  I made it through half the fleet this morning.  It seems to help the locomotives run better if I stretch their legs a little before the op session.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Progress Report 11.06.11

Worked on the layout some today.  Majority of the time was spent cleaning the track.  That's a pretty big project to complete, but its done.  Consisted locomotives and wrote down the train assignments.  I will test run all the loco sets throughout the week to get them warmed up and lubed for the op session.

Constructed the Peoria Journal Star basic structure.  Extended the paved driveway for truck loading.

Worked on one of the newly painted GP7s.  Peconic Shops reported that it was running erratically.  I went to test it to find the decoder seemingly dead.  Fought to get the shell off and tested.  I found that it did have power, but had a connectivity issue with the decoder board.  Taped down the board to ensure a good connection, tested, replaced the shell and tested again.  All good now!