Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progress Report 03.16.12

I had the day off.  In between running errands and spending time with family in from TX, I managed to get a lot accomplished.

I can't remember where I stated I had got to with the fascia project last.  Fascia is installed from West Davenport to just west of Bureau, Ottawa (former Stockdale) through Blue Island).  This leaves Burr Oak Yard in Chicago, Bureau, the Ovalix and Peoria.  The fascia is looking great!

I decided to trim down the hill adjacent to the track (on the fascia) in Joliet.  I dipped a little too low with the jig saw and completely ripped out the storage track.  Ooops!  It ripped it out of the road crossing too.  Sadness!  Well, now that the damage has been done, I have always wanted a storage track for the Joliet locomotive and caboose.  I think I'll go ahead and add it now that the area has been torn up.  Removed the damaged track, filed down the glue and removed the road in the area.  I will lay the new turnout and track soon and repair the road.

My plan is to wrap up projects by the middle of this week and then clean and prepare for the op session.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Progress Report 03.15.12

Yesterday was a very busy day for non-model railroading activities, but I still managed to squeeze out some time while maintaining an open support case chat session with our IT group in India.  You gotta love that.

Cut and installed the fascia for West Davenport, the newly created Caldwell Harbor (named after my wife's cousin's family name - they own a tug boat business on the Mississippi River) and the end cap of the layout.

I was able to cut and shape the styrofoam for the new hills and such added in Davenport Yard and Caldwell Harbor by the installation of the fascia.  Applied dry wall compound to the newly constructed landscape areas.

This evening, I had another big push on the fascia project.  I installed fascia on two thirds of the upper level peninsula.

Everything is falling together nicely with the fascia install project.  I can't wait to get it sanded down and painted!

I am concerned about how to do the fascia over by Bureau.  I have the basic box structure for the benchwork, but overlapped the boundaries of the benchwork with plywood on top.  I will have to see how flexible that luan is.  Hopefully it will make the curve ok.

At some point, I need to install the train order signals.  I definitely want those operational for the op session on the 31st!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Progress Report 03.13.12

I got real wild and crazy this morning (all before work), as I cut and installed the fascia board in front of Davenport.  I have the basic pieces cut for West Davenport too.  Nothing like the smell of sawdust early in the morning!  Crews are pushing hard to make some significant progress before the op session on the 31st.  Management applauds their efforts, but reminds crews to work safely.

The destruction in Davenport is quite evident as stuff is everywhere!

Photos of the grass / landscaping project.  No other ground cover materials have been applied yet.  

Rock Island, IL

West switch at Rock Island, Il

Franklin Farms

The recently built barn at Franklin Farms

This evening, I went back and cut the fascia for the Mississippi River and the harbor at West Davenport.  I will install those tomorrow as I have a work curfew this evening due to sick family members.  Hopefully they will feel better soon.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Progress Report 03.12.12

Friday morning I continued work on the structures in Blue Island.  The new and larger Vandelay Industries, purveyor of fine latex products, has the basic structure assembled.

This evening, I planted grass from Franklin Farms up to the bridge at the east end of Rock Island.  I haven't planted grass in the immediate urban area of Rock Island though.

Today, the Radio Shack order arrived.  Soldered wires to all the SPDT switches and LEDs and tested one set.  Oooh!  I love the lights!  Thanks again Larry of the Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad for the idea.  Awesome stuff!

Removed the car card boxes from the layout in Davenport and West Davenport in preparation for some fascia to be installed.