Thursday, December 30, 2010

Progress Report 12.29.10

Field Research:
Well, today was interesting for me.  I was given the opportunity to do a little field research by riding in a grain semi-truck to deliver a load of soybeans to the local grain elevator.  While uneventful for most, I was in heaven living out some childhood dreams today.  It was a great adventure that I will never forget.

Structure Progress
While on vacation, I have been working on two laser cut structure kits.  I have never constructed this type kit before, but feel I'm doing ok with it.  Below are pictures of Stockdale's station.  It looks old and beat up, but this is the ROCK.  I'm pleased with my first time.  Maybe not an award winner, but definitely a sense of pride and joy for me as I have accomplished yet another challenge in model railroading (the hobby of a thousand jobs).

Scenery Progress:
Although not quite ready for scenery, it didn't stop me from acquiring materials today.  I took a trip with my father-in-law and family friend out to the rural farmland of IL.  We stopped at a shop to find some of the items on my wish list.  Picked up a bucket of silica sand (used in sand blasting) which seems perfect for N scale ballast.  Also, picked up several container loads of lime for the future Central Stone limestone quarry that will be installed on the layout (Acquisition and Industry update coming soon).  Tomorrow, I hope to go on the search for some weeds to use for trees on the layout.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Progress Report 12.26.10

On the 26th day of December, let there be light!

Went out shopping with my in-laws late last night purchasing six sets of Christmas rope lights heavily discounted for the layout.  I will install them when I return home.  I'm looking forward to having proper light on the lower level.  Right now, it can be very dark on the layout.