Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Progress Report 06.01.11

Added the sand/fuel track at Carrie Ave Shops.  Crews removed the existing crossover at West Davenport.  A reverse crossover will be relaid in the same area.  Also, the yard ladder is changing where all tracks for staging will be accessed off the siding track. 

The company photographer was out roaming the line today.  He grabbed a few shots:

West End of Carrie Ave Shops

Thoroughfare from Carrie Ave Shops behind the class tracks
Take note that #3 class track now connects to the thoroughfare.  This will be used for yarding the Peoria and Grain Locals.

West Davenport Staging Yard
The yard ladder will be realigned to the siding.  The thoroughfare from the yard now connects to the former #5 staging track.

West Davenport Yard - the crossover has been removed.  The alignment will now go from main to siding looking west.

The new sand/fuel supply track at Carrie Ave Shops

East End Carrie Ave Shops.  Two long tracks which can hold 16 locomotives or so.
The run around and caboose tracks still haven't been installed.

The Extra Grain local has been rusting to the rails over at Rock Island waiting for the destruction/construction to be completed so the crew can yard the train.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress Report 05.31.11

This morning I was too lazy to do anything.  This evening though, I cut in another switch for the sand/fuel track (nearly forgot about this).  Glued this portion down along with the tracks cut on the 05.28.11 report.  I still have to cut and glue the caboose track, but that should be pretty easy.  I only spent about 20-25 minutes in the layout room this evening.  The swimming pool was calling due to the excessive heat!