Saturday, June 23, 2012

Progress Report 06.23.12

Well, I'm supposed to take it easy.  That's harder to do than you think.  I came home yesterday and took down the large floor to ceiling cabinet in the corner.

Today, I made a Lowe's lumber run.  This afternoon I constructed two 1x4 boxes.  Not a whole lot of work, but at least something.  Tomorrow, I will have some help.  It would be awesome if we managed to get the basic open grid benchwork in place.

By the way, the arm feels better wearing this brace.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Progress Screeches to a Halt

I had been experiencing a lot of pain in my left arm specifically in the elbow region.  I finally went to the doctor yesterday to learn I have a double shot of tennis and golfer's elbow!  How ironic, considering I don't play either sport.

For now, I have an arm brace, some OTC drugs and have been informed to rest the arm.  So, I plan on doing that.  Progress will be minimal over the next two weeks or so while I give the arm time to heal.  We'll then ramp it back up for a summer blitz!

Investors are already screaming that they are losing money due to project delays!  We must push forward and re-link the mainline to get trains moving again!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Committed or Committed?

After tonight's progress I need to either be committed (to a mental institution) or I have no choice but to be committed to rebuilding the layout now!  It's bad enough severing the mainline.  I had issues (at first) cutting the mainline a Blue Island back at Christmas.  That was nothing compared to this.  I didn't just take out a few pieces of track.  I took out 39 feet of mainline alone!

The destruction crews continued their work tonight.  I removed the 1x2 strips that supported the shelves.  I pulled up all the track in the ovalix and Bureau wye.  Removed all the cardboard safety strips in the ovalix. Completely dismantled the ovalix down to the 1x4 box frame originally built.  I need to pull up a few more tracks on the upper level from the former Ottawa branchline and then should be complete with most of the layout destruction.  I still have the big beast of a cabinet in the corner that needs to come out though.  That will be a big job!

Here are photos of the carnage.

The Ovalix before destruction

The ovalix after unscrewing the support brackets for each level.

The ovalix is nolix.

The base frame for the ovalix.  The mainline in the back is the Bureau siding.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Progress Report 06.19.12

Progress on the ROCK...

I added the colored dots to the newly printed waybills.  The left dot represents the freight train and the right dot represents the local.  It's merely a means for quickly identifying the car's destination.

Below are some pics from last night's progress.  As you can see Peoria has been completely bulldozed with only remnants of the town remaining.

This evening, I removed the TV and satellite receiver, all the items in the storage cabinet above and took down the three shelves and desktop.

Destruction is not near as satisfying as construction.  Right now, I feel like I'm just making a huge mess!  I'll be glad when it is all cleared out and the new benchwork starts going in.  Then, I will feel like I'm actually accomplishing something!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Progress Report 06.18.12

Progress Report?  What's that?  It has been a while.  Over the weekend, I worked on updating waybills for the upcoming industry and town changes.

Davenport Yard has been officially renamed to Kelly Yard in Silvis, IL.  West and East Davenport have been changed to Moline and East Moline, IL.

Project Nolix began this evening.  I cleared off the shelves and desk.  I also removed 80% of the track in Peoria.