Monday, August 29, 2016

Op Session Countdown 08.29.16

Less than two weeks until we operate.  This evening, I confirmed up with some of my operators (waiting to hear back on a few) that will bring the layout to life.

Received the decoders I needed to power my locomotives today.  Installed three this evening.  The Kato decoder install goes pretty quick.  I completed three in roughly thirty minutes.

Here are some photos of the progress.

The kitchen table is lined up with quite a variety of motive power.

Kato BN U30C - Stock light board removed.  Kapton tape added per Digitrax instructions.

Digitrax DN163K1C decoder installed.

Burlington Northern U30C #5393

Next to roll out of the shop, Chicago & Illinois Midland SD38-2 #75

As well as Chicago & Illinois Midland SD38-2 #73

The pair of C&IM locos ready for service.

Worked on making some new tabs today and started the staging process (slow process this evening).  I'm changing some things around so I have to wait until I make the new tabs as I go.

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but tore out the track at the south end of Bridge Jct, but realized I didn't have a left hand turnout (had two right hand turnouts instead).  Sadness.  Ordered some left hand turnouts this morning.  Progress will be at a stand still on the revised Bridge Junction until it arrives (hopefully by the end of the week).