Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Day on the ROCK: Part VI

A continuation of a Day on the ROCK: Part VI

#113 Joliet to Bureau Local finally received clearance from the dispatcher to continue its work.  Here the train departs the siding at Joliet after performing a brake test due to the train being broken apart to clear the road crossings.
#113 approaching Joliet Grain Co.
#113 rolls by the station in Stockdale, IL
#113 splits the busy Hwy 104 crossing.
#113 breaks the train in two to clear up the Hwy 104 crossing.
#113 rolls around its train on the main in preparation to switch out the local industries.
#113 pulling a cut of grain hoppers at the ADM plant in Stockdale, IL
This new CNW hopper already has a thick layer of dirt and grime on it.
A simple paint scheme, but I love it on this covered hopper.
A view from atop the Illinois Valley Grain elevator on the Ottawa Branch

Even though #113's train was light on traffic this time.  This train gets no respect.  It is often held out for passing freight trains, the work is time consuming.  Overall, it's a great local!  :-)
#43 Chicago to Council Bluffs, IA train departs Burr Oak Yard under the control of newbie (my 7 yr old daughter Sarah Johnson).
#43 by the road crossing in Blue Island, IL
#43 by Blue Island, IL
#43 arriving in Joliet, IL
#43 by the station in Joliet.  Notice the power lashup on this train.  #43 led by a GP40, U25B and FP7.
#113 looking good by the station in Joliet, IL
#43 by Midwest Paper Stock Co. in Joliet, IL
#43 meeting #113 at Stockdale, IL.  #113 completed his work, but wasn't able to get out of town soon enough.
Traffic piling up at the Hwy 104 crossing in Stockdale as the two trains meet.
The meet of #43 Council Bluffs bound freight and #113 Joliet to Bureau Turn from atop the Illinois Valley Grain Co. silo.
#43 throttles up as #113 waits for dispatcher's orders.
#43 by the depot at Bureau, IL
#43 by the Farmers Grain Company in Bureau, IL
#43 rolling down through Rock Island, IL
#43 by Franklin Farms.  Franklin Farms is named after my wife's grandfather who I have adopted as my own.  He's a quiet man that radiates greatness by his actions, and not his words.
Horseshoe Curve?  Not quite!  This is the ROCK!  Rock Island on the left, Franklin Farms on the right.
#43 by the driveway at Franklin Farms
#43 by the creek behind Franklin Farms
#43 holding out at the Mississippi River Bridge waiting for Davenport Yard to bring them in.
This concludes another fine day on the ROCK!


A Day on the ROCK: Part V

A continuation of a Day on the ROCK: Part V.

The crew for #1 Chicago to Tucumcari Freight boards their power at the engine shop in South Burr Oak Yard.
#1 performs a light power move through downtown Blue Island before crossing over to the main to back onto its train.

#1 Chicago to Tucumcari performs its break test and is ready to pull from Burr Oak Yard

#1's power passes by downtown Blue Island, IL

#1 rolls by C-5 Tower and the station in Blue Island, IL
#1 passes by JD Tower in Joliet, IL
#1 approaches the rear of #113 Joliet to Bureau Turn.  The dispatcher decided to hold him for this hot westbound freight train.
#1 rolling by the industrial district in Joliet, IL
#1 passing the station #113 in Joliet, IL

A view from atop the Midwest Paper Stock Co. building of #1 passing through town.

A faded Illinois Central grain hopper toward the rear of #1 passing by the station in Joliet, IL
A string of empty cement hoppers bound for Iowa Ready Mix in Davenport, IA
#1 rounding the curve by the Midwest Paper Stock Co. plant on its way out of town.
A Southern Pacific caboose brings up the rear of the train as it heads to home rails in Tucumcari, NM.
#1 rolling through Stockdale, IL
#1 by the station in Bureau, IL
#1 by Farmer's Grain in West Bureau, IL
#1 rolling through Rock Island, IL
The SP Caboose passing by the Pharmacy in Rock Island, IL
#1 by Franklin Farms
#1 on the Mississippi River Bridge
#1 on the sweeping curve into Davenport Yard
Davenport Yardmaster requested #1 to tie down his train on the A/D track and take the power to the house.
#1's Power waiting its turn to get serviced at the fueling pad

#92 Peoria to Davenport Freight - The crew picks up their power at the fueling pad
#92 backs onto its train sitting on the Peoria siding
#92 rolling through Bureau, IL
#92 rolling through Rock Island, IL
#1 by Franklin Farms
I believe this is the first ever over/under shot.  #92 is about to cross the Mississippi River as #1 eases into Rock Island, IL
#92 on approach into Davenport Yard
#92 arrives in Davenport Yard Class Track 3
#92 cuts the power from the train and heads to the shop
#92 at the fueling pad