Saturday, January 21, 2012


Last night, I stopped by the local Lowe's to pick up some wood to use for the fascia on the layout.  To start my scenery project, I need to also install the fascia to build the scenery out to it. 

In other news, no major work has been completed on the layout.  We are in cleaning/purging mode.  The room is well overdue for a good cleaning. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Train Register Sheets

I completed the train registers for each town reflecting the newly created timetable in December.  Crews will complete their OS time as they pass these stations.  They will be able to review what trains have passed before them to decide whether or not they can continue down the line.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Progress Report 01.15.12

Completed laying the track between the new crossover and the curved turnout at JD Tower.  Installed the long spur at the Proctor & Gamble plant.

Installed the new reversed crossover at Blue Island completing the trackwork for this massive project.

Hopefully, I can clean up the mess this week, clean the track and run some test trains through the area.  I will still have to go back and install slide switches for all the new turnouts.

Progress Report 01.14.12

Today, I attended the Railroad Modeling University (RMU) by the Carolina Southern Division of the National Model Railroad Association.   I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. 

Carl Baumgart did an excellent job presenting the Scratchbuilding class.  He provided tips on how to construct buildings as well as the materials he uses.  It was quite informative and not as hard as I originally thought.  I would like to scratchbuild a barn for Franklin Farms on the layout. 

I spent the rest of the day (4 classes) sitting in Gil Brauch's Scenery classes.  My focus in 2012 is to scenic the layout.  The classes were very informative and well presented.  I'm looking forward to digging out my scenery supplies and starting in the near future.


This evening, I completed installing the new double track interlocking at JD Tower.  I have one short section of track to install between the curved turnout at JD Tower and the new crossover about 18" away.  I also need to install the new reversed crossover at Blue Island.  The trackwork is nearly complete!  I'm looking forward to testing the new track by mid-week.