Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Sand Dump Track Progress

This evening, I installed the three Caboose Industry ground throws for the turnouts and did a little scenery around the dump track including adding piles of sand under the trestle.

Tomorrow, I need to wire the track up.  Got home too late tonight to mess with it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Sand Dump Track Construction Continues

This evening, before and after dinner, I worked on the layout.  I managed to cut all the track and glue it in place.  I didn't mess with the Caboose Industry ground throws tonight as I was getting tired and was done for the day.  I decided it was best to call it quits although I wanted to get this complete.  Oh well.  Life goes on.  Here are photos of the progress:

Ottawa Silica - looking north.

Rock Island U30C sitting beside the loading tower on the new run around track.

New track arrangement off Ottawa Silica Track 1 (OS1)

I'm really happy with this arrangement.  I believe it worked out well.

Sand dump track - not glued yet.  I need to scenic first and then glue the track to the deck.

Rock Island U30C spotting two over tonnage cars.

Spotting two overweight cars.

Two over tonnage cars spotted successfully.

In other news, I got the crackhead idea to ship coal to Libbey-Owens Ford Glass Plant again.  It had a coal-fired power plant back in the day, but it is unknown when they stopped using the plant.  I would assume probably no later than the 60s.  Of course, I model the 70s.  But, this is my world.  So, word on the street is that the Chicago & Illinois Midland will be bringing up a unit train (small - only 11 to 12 cars) of coal from southeast of Springfield via Peoria and Ottawa over Rock Island tracks.  The C&IM will deliver the cars to LOF Track 3.  Previously, this track has been mixed use for receiving various chemicals and such for glass production.  LOF Track 3 can hold eleven 70-ton hoppers.  I'm still pondering this, but figure I might try it for the next operating session.

The ROCK 3.0: Sand Dump Track

Today, I received the materials required to add the run around track and sand dump track.  I didn't have much time at all to work, but this is what I managed to get done tonight.

I added a 1x2 to the fascia of the layout to create space for the new run around track.  Laid out the track to see how it will work.  Painted the 1x2 black to match the fascia.  Cut in the first switch at South Ottawa off Ottawa Silica Track 1 (OS1).

A run around track is required as locomotives are not permitted under the loading tipple, but as you can see I'm out of real estate.  The wonderful thing about N scale is that you can simply add a 1x2 to the fascia and BAM!  We have enough room to add a track.

Overview of the scene.

1x2 added.  

Track laid out to show the new arrangement to access the sand dump track.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: New Fan Installed

Over yesterday and today, I installed a new ceiling fan and switch in the layout room.  When the light fixture went out a while back, I figured it could be the switch as I have already replaced one in the house.  I didn't like the old fan anyway so I purchased a replacement.  The old unit was loud and out of balance.  Replaced the fan.  Found the light still not working.  I looked over to the light switch which is now residing right under the Peoria extension.  I was like crap.  It wasn't bad to replace the switch though.  I was done with the job within a few minutes.

So now, we have a new 52" fan to replicate an EF-3 tornado.  The light kits that come with these are so lacking.  I will still use the old torch lamp with the 300 watt bulb.  This can recreate noon time on the equator!

The new fan is super quiet and generates good air flow!