Thursday, May 29, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 05.29.14

This evening, I completed wiring up the signal control board for Utica.  See photos below.

The board with all the wire connections.

The Utica Panel Signal Control Panel.

We have lights!

A side profile of the BLMA Double Track Signal Bridge.

Clear signal, track one!

It's really hard photographing these LEDs.
Stop signal at Utica.

Clear signal, Utica.

I decided to change up the signals some.  Below are updated control board diagrams with notations.

Utica Signal Board - A dummy signal will be placed at East Utica as you can't see the signal too well with out bellying up to the layout and knocking down half of Ottawa Yard.  The control board will have the rotary switches installed in case this changes in the future.

West Ottawa Board - In the future, a crossover will be added with signal on the mainline at West Ottawa.  I updated the board to include it, although it might be a while before it is installed.

East Ottawa Board - I added the second Arrival/Departure track to the diagram and appropriate signals.  The dummy signal westbound on the right side of the CB&Q will not be used (moving to Utica).  I added a dwarf signal for inbound into the yard.  Crews will need to request the signal into the yard when ready to return.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 05.28.14

Progress has been really infrequent lately.  May is a busy month for us as school winds down and the summer activities ramp up.

Monday morning, I drilled the holes and placed the signals in place.  This evening, I worked on wiring up two of the signal heads for Track #2 Eastbound at Utica.  I added 22 gauge wire to the micro wires from the signal heads, ran wires to my homemade signal controller board, and then to the rotary switch.  Everything worked perfectly.  I'm very excited to see the signal lit.  Now, to finish wiring up the remaining signal heads and mounting the panel.

I'll post photos once I have the signal bridge in place and all heads lit.