Saturday, May 28, 2011

Progress Report 05.28.11

Well, the other night I spent roughly three hours staring at the layout formulating a change in design to incorporate the new locomotive facility at Davenport Yard.  In turn, West Davenport is going to be re-designed slightly. 

Today, after a great day spent on the L&HR testing and observing future operations, I was inspired to come home to continue work on the Carrie Ave Shops rebuild.  A switch was cut into West Davenport Class Track #5, the track was cut and tested for the west end of Carrie Ave Shops, plus the #3 class track was extended to the run around track for the locomotive facility.  All tracks need to be glued, but getting them cut and positioned was more than half the battle. 

I'm hoping by the end of the weekend to have all the changes completed and photos posted.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Progress Report 05.25.11

Well, engineering finally woke from their slumber.  Two switches were installed on the east end of Carrie Ave Shops along with the main track and locomotive fueling track.  An internal debate is still under way regarding the west end of the facility.

Solo Op Session Notes 05.25.11

We had family visiting this weekend plus work has been real dismal lately, so my motivation has been lacking.

I finished out running the Grain Train local utilizing the new Yardmaster at Davenport.  Wow!  What a difference that makes.  Albeit, I wasn't intermingling with other trains, it reduces the time of this run greatly.  Crews might actually sign up for this train again.  I left town with 12 cars and returned with a whopping 16.   I barely fit in the siding at Rock Island where the train currently resides.  I'm waiting for engineering to get off their duff and start building the new Carrie Ave Shops so I can yard my train properly. 

Maybe this weekend's visit to the L&HR will spark a fire to finish up Carrie Ave Shops.