Friday, August 19, 2011

Progress Report 08.19.11

Wednesday night, I worked on laying out the cork and track for Peoria.  There is some debate between the two foremans on the alignment of the industrial track along SW Washington St.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

Thursday involved a lot more staring at the future Peoria.  I believe the foremans have come to an agreement on the industrial track alignment.  As with other industrial park areas on the ROCK, this one too will include a switchback.  It was the only way to make it work.  I'm sure crews will be overjoyed! 

Next step will be to mark and start gluing down the roadbed.  Construction should commence in the next few days pending crew availability. 

CRI&P clerical personnel worked to prepare the paperwork for the upcoming op session.  We will be operating as September 16th, 1978.  The crops are in and there is corn to move on the ROCK.  There have been some changes made to the passenger schedule.  Train #13 the Peoria Rocket Second Section will depart Chicago at 10am vs. it's former time of 8:30am.  Previous labor disputes have been resolved with numerous changes including the addition of a fifth crew member, pre-blocking of locals and operational changes at Davenport.  CRI&P Management projects smoother operations providing longer rest periods for crews between trains.  The ROCK is dedicated to providing safe operating conditions for its employees while continuing to grow its business. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Progress Report 08.15.11

Crews dusted off their tools and started assembling on ROCK grounds today.  The sub benchwork has been cut and moved into place for the RI Peoria Branch.  Surveyors are on-site.  Welding (soldering) tools have been charged up ready for work. 

Management has set some high goals to be completed before the op session September 17th. 

Management is excited about the wealth of information received from the Rock Island Technical Society.  I'm looking forward to learning more about this great railroad.