Friday, July 5, 2013

The ROCK 1.0 - Destruction Continues 07.05.13

I didn't get much time to work on the layout room as today is my birthday.  This afternoon, I did work on the layout briefly.  I removed the remaining benchwork at West Bureau.  That produced two more 1x4 benchwork frame sections that can be used in 2.0.

Once I get the room cleaned out and painted, rebuilding the benchwork should go really fast.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The ROCK 1.0 - Massive Destruction Today

Yesterday, Joliet was wiped off the map.  Today....Rock Island, Utica, LaSalle and Bureau Junction.... gone!  

Photos of the fall out...

Benchwork sections that will be reused in 2.0

Former Bureau Junction site.

The floor is just a tiny bit messy.  Thank goodness for cheap child labor to pick up all those screws.

Who set off a bomb in the room?  Peninsula....gone.  

Destruction is required to rebuild a better layout.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The ROCK 1.0 - Destruction Continues

I briefly worked on the layout, but I took down the upper peninsula.  From the words of Doc Brown, "(Joliet) has been erased from existence!"

I also worked on moving a bunch of other stuff out of the room too.  ROCK Management has decided to paint the room while under renovation.  The room will be painted a sky blue to help as an overall backdrop and brighten the room some.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The ROCK 1.0 - Destruction Continues 07.01.13

This evening, I continued work on dismantling the layout.  I focused my attention on the peninsula.  I finished removing all the track, slide switches, LED lights and wires from the upper peninsula benchwork.  I removed the fascia and LEDs from the lower level.  It's been tough finding the screws that hold the benchwork together.  Many of them are located under scenery.  I've had to scrape off the scenery to find them.  That slowed me down a bit.  Hopefully, tomorrow night, I can locate the remaining screws and remove the upper peninsula.  The lower peninsula should be easier.

I continued to work with a vendor for the signals at the Ottawa RI/BN crossing.  I believe we have agreed on a configuration (see below).  All will be searchlight signals.  I had learned from my post on Trainorders inquiring about the signals, that the crossing was not controlled by a dispatcher, but simply first come, first serve.  The wiring will reflect this.

The left signal will be a NJ International bridge.

The right signal will be a BLMA bridge.

The BN Crossing Signals will be single head searchlight.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The ROCK 1.0 - Garbage Day

For the past two days, I have stepped up the destruction on version 1.0.  I have removed a bunch of items from the layout room that will be salvaged for 2.0.  Since tomorrow is garbage day, I hit it hard this afternoon removing much of the styrofoam scenery in the open grid benchwork area.

I ordered the 1.0 Memorial Book from Apple last night.