Friday, December 7, 2012

Operating Session Prep Work

Last night and this morning, I began preparing the layout for the upcoming op session.  I noticed a change in the yard blocking cards I wanted to make.  Before, I only ran #111 IL Shorts from Chicago to Silvis.  I had to also include blocking cards for #110 Silvis to Chicago IL Shorts.  The train swaps blocks at various towns between the two major terminals.

Moved all the motive power to the proper trains.  This weekend, I will start cleaning track as next week will be quite busy leaving me little prep time.  I will test run the power in the morning before going to work.  

I might try to plant a few more trees before the next op session.

Everything else seems to be ready to go.

ROCK on!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photo Update

Here are some pics of the rough scenery between Peru and LaSalle, IL.  I tried to upload photos the other day, but learned my Blogger (Picasa) account was maxed out at 1GB of photos.    I need more storage!  Purged off a few photos for now, but will be purging over the next few weeks.