Saturday, September 4, 2010

Progress Report 08.31.10 - 09.03.10

It has been fairly quiet on the range lately...

Clerk Report:
All car cards have been created.  All the 4-cycle waybills have been generated in a spreadsheet, but need to be transferred to the actual forms.  We have a surplus of some cars and require a few additional ones.

Track Dept Report:
Track foreman Johnson reports that West Davenport Yard is complete.  Foreman Little and Foreman Johnson met in Blue Island to discuss the lack of run around track.  A decision was made on the appropriate corrective action.  A crossover will be added from the Main to the siding before the split.  The run around track is rather short, but should be manageable for the local crews.

I have been reviewing the local operations in my head.  Stockdale will definitely be a bear!  The grain and melon trains won't be far behind in their complexity.  A lot of reverse and run around moves will be required to successfully complete the tasks.  I'm looking forward to the inaugural operating session!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Progress Report 08.30.10

A little progress was made today...

All car cards have been made.  The number of waybills required for each industry have been calculated. Throughout the week, I will work on creating waybills.  I have 165 four-cycle waybills to create.

Tonight, I measured the layout for the fascia. 

Track crews are still on schedule for completion by Labor Day.