Saturday, March 15, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: OSHA Safety Audit

No progress on the layout other than last night installing some signs for the crews to easily identify the industries and various buildings at the industries.

The other day we had a visit from the OSHA Manager (i.e. my cousin's husband visiting from Texas) for a Safety Audit.  He deemed the benchwork that protruded from the edge of the wall by one inch was a safety hazard.  Today, measures were taken to correct the problem.  We're happy to report we're back in safety compliance.  You know this is very important to management since we had a few issues in the past with injuries on the job.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 03.13.14

This evening, I pondered the location of the scale track at Belrose.  I haven't decided which end of the track to place it on.

I replaced the missing section of track in Ottawa Yard where the gantlet track was prior.  Re-connected the feeder wires.

Repaired one switch point that popped loose.  I noticed four more I have to fix.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 03.12.14

Today, continuing my thoughts on operations, I created a Train Register for the station at Utica and Ottawa.

I felt it would be too cumbersome to model complete Time Table & Train Order (TT&TO) operations, but considered tracking trains through the two stations on the layout.

I'm not sure if this would be too much for crews to mess with, but I might try it.  If anything, I think I will keep track of times at stations for my personal records for each op session.  I can fill in the loads/empties post session looking back at the switch lists.

At Ottawa:
Train #217 Ottawa Local and #118 LaSalle Turn will need to sign off on the Ottawa Train Register stating when they depart in the morning.  They will sign back in when he arrives back at the yard in the evening.  Very simple.

At Utica:
Train #118 LaSalle Local, upon arriving at Utica, the crew will sign in with their arrival time and also state their departure time upon leaving town.

Trains #112 & #113 Road Local out of Joliet and Return will stop in Ottawa Yard and Utica to log their times as they travel through.

A sample of what both sheets might look like after an op session.

Creating these sheets made me think clearly on the train movements specifically for the the LaSalle Turn.  There is some gray area in what occurred prototypically with this local as I just don't have good factual information.  I know for a fact there was a scale at Ottawa Yard.  I know later (but not when it was installed) there was a scale at Belrose Silica.  Currently, I have my local departing Ottawa Yard, working the industries and then returning to weigh the sand from Belrose Silica.  He would then depart again returning to Utica to deliver it to PQ.  What dawned on me is what would the crew do with the cars that they have already switched out or crews like my friend Larry that refuses to move cars unnecessarily.  The crews will want to store those cars in the yard.  I don't have that room to do that on my layout. 

So, what to do?  I believe I'm going to move the scale track that resides at Ottawa Yard currently over to Belrose Silica.  I haven't installed the scale yet, just the gantlet track is in place.  It would be an easy move.  This will keep the local out of the yard all day until it is complete with its work.  Then it can return with its cars for the yard to classify.

This evening, I went upstairs to ponder this idea.  I decided to move the scale track from Ottawa Yard to Belrose Silica.  I went ahead and removed the scale track at Ottawa Yard.  Later this week, I will cut it in at Belrose Silica and replace the flex track at the yard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 03.11.14

Today, in trying to think of everything required for the first op session, I recalled I need to update the crew instructions.  These are subject to change, but for the first op session, we'll give them a whirl.

Only six industries to work.  How bad could it be?  

Any suggestions to add to the instructions?

Monday, March 10, 2014

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 03.10.14

I apologize for the lack of reports lately.  The staff at the ROCK has been quite busy with school field trips and family in town.

This evening, I did manage to get a little done on the layout.  I applied the first layer of drywall compound to the new scene divider at Koenig Rd.

I also installed the last of the blue flag LED lights at Westclox.

I gathered up all my supplies to hopefully work on signals next.  I received in all the components last week.

You can reference these areas on the map here.