Monday, November 9, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Various Progress Report

Well, it was decided and acted upon to add the Chicago & Illinois Midland coal train out of Peoria.  The train will operate this next session to Libbey-Owens Ford to deliver coal to the power plant.  Speaking of donuts, small individual loads of coal will also be delivered to Ottawa Silica Track #7 (the dynamite/supplies track) for the small power plant there as well.

Looks like there is a loaded coal train sitting up in the CNW yard waiting for delivery by the
Chicago & Illinois Midland

The Peoria Terminal was a wholly owned subsidiary of the ROCK.  It usually utilizes RI GP7s for power, but today, there is a set of ICG GP30s.  Although way too clean!  These units need to be dirtied up!  This will be the motive power for the next Peoria job.

Created some new tabs to reflect the increase of business at Ottawa Silica and LOF.

Project list update:
  • Repair North Ottawa Silica Turnout
  • Repair turnout at PQ plus any others with broken points
  • Adjust scale sensor at Ottawa Silica
  • Check programming on locomotives (speed matching) and clean wheels.
  • Install Sand Dump Track
  • Ballast Peoria
  • Install roof on Westclox

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: New E8 Powering the Rocket Trains

Management is pleased to show off their newly received custom painted Kato E8 to operate on the Rocket trains.  It looks and runs great.

The E8 is powering the eastbound Peoria Rocket past Mill Street in Utica.

Video of the E8 powering the Peoria Rocket returning west later in the day.