Saturday, July 10, 2010

Progress Continues as 90 days has passed

Today is day 90 since entering N scale...

More progress to report.  All track is installed (and glued) including main & siding from the Mississippi River up to East Bureau (before ascent up the ovalix).  Larry ran the bus wire for the entire railroad minus the upper peninsula.  Feeders were dropped and installed and soldered to the track for all the track currently installed minus the siding at Rock Island (it was just freshly glued down).

Next projects on the agenda:
- Solder feeders to the bus wire
- Install turnout at the wye at East Bureau (split for ovalix and Peoria Branch)
- Install cork roadbed for entire ovalix
- Design and potentially lay cork for Davenport
- Design and cut subroadbed for remainder of the upper level 
- Order more Micro Engineering Code 55 Track, one Tortoise switch machine, an additional (#7) LH curved turnout for the wye at the Peoria Branch/East Bureau
- Sell 86' Auto Parts Box Cars & Open Auto Racks
- Purchase N&W Coal Hoppers

Many thanks to Larry for coming up to help today.  We got a lot accomplished.  Track work has been going well (and fast)!  Larry has been a tremendous help in numerous ways with the N Scale conversion.  His expertise and advice have been invaluable!

Lily intently watching the long test passenger train

Rock Island, IL

West Rock Island, IL (Curved turnout / entrance to siding)

East Rock Island, IL

East Rock Island, IL

Just east of the Mississippi River

Main up from the Mississippi River passing Franklin Farms on the left

West Bureau, IL

West Bureau, IL

Bureau, IL Station

Bureau, IL Main / Siding

East Bureau, IL

Lily, mild mannered family pet

Lily, evil destroyer of model trains

Davenport, IA - a blank slate

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aunt Maude Visits the Mississippi River!!

The rail train arrived today from Maryland.  This evening, crews hit it hard laying the mainline from the Mississippi River to the station at Bureau, IL.

Along with the track gang, the signal maintainers feverishly worked to get temporary code line installed and test wireless capabilities.  After running into severe difficulties with the command system and wireless, the system was operational before night's end.

The first locomotive, Rock Island #367, pulled three cars from the Mississippi River to the bridge at East Rock Island.  Later a call was received by the CEO stating that Aunt Maude has never seen the Mississippi River.  After code issues were corrected, a second train was run utilizing the same power with one coach from Rock Island to the station at Bureau, IL.  One sole passenger was picked up and transported to the Mississippi River. 

Trackwork will continue tomorrow and this weekend.

The CEO applauds the efforts of the dedicated employees of the new Rock Island Railroad.  In a mere 88 days, the CEO sold the former MC Junction Railway assets, acquired all the assets for the Rock Island and began construction.  On day 88, the first train ran!  Awesome job!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Track Gang is en route!

CRI&P Engineering had construction crews out late Tuesday and Wednesday to prepare the ground (cork roadbed installation) between the Mississippi River and East Bureau.  The crew completed their work shortly after 8pm this evening.  Engineering has received notification that the rail train is en route from Maryland.  The tie gang is expected to start work late Friday night and into Saturday.  Signal maintainers have been scheduled to pull code line (main bus wires) tomorrow evening.

With the 100 day report looming over management, progress has been of utmost importance.

Photos of the completed groundwork:
Grade up from the Mississippi River passing Franklin Farms

West (curved) switch of Rock Island siding

Rock Island, IL

East Rock Island, IL crossing the line off the Mississippi River

Grain Elevator @ West Bureau, IL

Grain Elevator @ West Bureau, IL

Curve into Bureau.  Is that Aunt Maude standing on the platform? 

Bureau, IL

East Bureau, IL entering into the ovalix