Friday, March 11, 2011

Progress Report 03.11.11

I have feverishly been working through all the rolling stock on the layout to make adjustments to cars.  Hopefully we will enjoy the fruits of my labor come the next op session with better performing equipment.

The Mississippi River bridge is back in place and has been tested.

This weekend I hope to complete the background project filling all joints with wall putty and touching up the paint.  I also need to secure the backdrop on the top level of the peninsula.  I hope to work on some scenery from the Mississippi River up to Rock Island. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Progress Report 03.09.11

I haven't reported in a few days, but have been milling around in the layout room.  Here's a recap of the last few days:

The bridge is out at the Mississippi River.  Management reports that there was a major wash out at the Mississippi River crossing back on Saturday.  The bridge is being repaired as we speak with new track.  It is expected to be back in full operation later this evening.

Carrie Ave Shops has been feverishly working on a project identifying axle and coupler types on cars for potential conversion.  Adjustments have already been made on some.  For example, the poorly operating Southern Wood Chip car fleet has been converted with significant improvement in performance.

Carrie Ave Shops have some locomotive repairs underway.  The two ex-NJ Central SD35s are in the back shop requiring a major overhaul along with a CNW GP7.

This morning, construction began on the basic skeleton for the scenery west of the Mississippi River.  A cardboard web is forming across the plains.

Many residents in the region have recovered from the recent seismic event created from the backdrop construction.  Stockdale and Rock Island are still in complete utter disrepair.  Residents are awaiting for FEMA trucks to arrive with supplies.  The American Red Cross has been on site to assist with rebuilding the communities.

Tonight, I hope to patch the joints on the backdrops and prepare for final touch-up painting.

The third op session commemorating the one year anniversary of the layout has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th.  Management has set some pretty lofty goals to accomplish before the event.  As a good friend Larry reminded me "it is better to set the bar high and maybe miss it by a few weeks than to set it ridiculously low and live down to it."

Progress will be intense over the next nine weeks.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Progress Report 03.06.11

I'm nearly finished with the installation of the backdrops.  I need to secure fully the upper peninsula backdrops.  The entire layout experienced at minimum a 7.0 simulated earthquake during the installation process.

Work that remains includes: secure peninsula backdrops, fill in joint seams with putty, sand and paint, touch-up paint any areas marked by cutting tools, replace buildings/rolling stock to their original locations.

Pictures of the progress: