Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 12.18.13

This evening, I received and installed the crossings for the CB&Q crossing east of the yard (north of Ottawa Silica).

Looking north from Ottawa Silica.  CB&Q north across the RI Mainline (running left to right).

An overhead view showing the junction.  To the left is Ottawa yard.
The track to the left of the junction running along the rim of the sand pit is the yard lead.

The creek under Ottawa Yard has finally finished drying.  It would dry and draw up some each time.  So, I added more Liquitex three or four times.  It made for an interesting effect.  It looks like it's flowing pretty heavy.  Maybe there area has been experiencing some heavy rains. 

Started in 1972, Operation Lifesaver has been educating the public on rail grade crossing safety.  Today, they were shooting a promo video for school bus drivers in Illinois.