Monday, July 18, 2011

Progress Report 07.18.11

Re-staging of the layout is complete.  I'm not sure when the next op session will be though.  The summer has been kind of crazy for scheduling.  Before I operate I would like to install the slide switches on all the newly installed turnouts. 

I continued a project I started in the spring regarding speed matching locomotives.  I matched up my Intermountain FP7 so it can run with two sets of locos.  The ROCK was known for running some wild lash-ups.  I figure the crew would enjoy running a FP7 on the point. 

I attempted to replace the wheels on the E8, but found that the wheels I purchased are not the right size.  Sadness!  I will have to figure out which ones I need.

Cleaned up the layout room for some visitors this week.  In the process the area for Peoria was cleaned out.  I started laying out some track and roadbed.  I have a general vision for what I want in Peoria, but will return to it after doing some field research in the real Peoria.