Saturday, May 7, 2011

Progress Report 05.07.11

Concrete crews worked early this morning paving all the sidewalks in Rock Island plus the remaining sidewalks in Stockdale and Blue Island.  All sidewalks are installed minus a small section in Joliet.

After the backdrops were installed in Rock Island, the buildings were a little too long in some places.  This afternoon, I took the roto tool and trimmed off the back of the buildings for a flush fit.

This evening I went back with the joint compound to fill in land areas around the sidewalks.  My little town of Rock Island has really blossomed.  The Bar Mills sidewalks are an awesome addition to the layout.  They really spiff up a scene. 

I think one of my favorite places to railfan on the layout is sitting on the old wooden bench outside Barlow Pharmacy in Rock Island.  You're shaded from the sun, great food right down the street and double-track action.   Good times!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Progress Report 05.06.11

This morning before work, I added a second coat of touch-up paint to the plastered wall holes.  I cut in the temporary track from the Peoria Branch to the mainline.  The track on the branchline is not glued, but will be used during the op session.  I have really enjoyed using MicroEngineering flex track for test purposes such as this.  A passenger train was run this morning to test the track plus time the route for a timetable adjustment.  Final track alignment will be installed after consulting with fellow layout owners.

I began the process of corralling the locomotives to place in their assigned consists on their trains. 

Since the station has been moved in Blue Island to the siding track at the IHB junction, a test train was run so we can adjust the timetable to allow for street running through Blue Island.

Progress Report 05.05.11

Final preparations are being made for the 1yr anniversary op session.  This evening I finished painting the plaster cloth green.  Touched up the paint on one of the roads in Rock Island after a previous patch job.  Touched up the wall paint where I patched the holes from artwork previously hung in the room.

The layout room is looking good.  It brings a big smile to my face to walk in and see everything looking so good.  I'm ready to operate!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Progress Report 05.04.11

Of course as soon as I declare construction was placed on hold for the Clinton / Peoria branch idea I ended up working on it some more.  I got to the point where a hole was bored in the right side of the entertainment center.  The grade is pretty steep off the shelf up to the East Bureau wye.  A test track has been put in place temporarily.  A test train was run numerous times with various loads.  It appears the grade can handle one 4-axle locomotive and 5 cars or 2 4-axle locomotives and 9-10 cars.  Final alignment won't occur until after the pending op session.

Cleaned up most of the room in preparation for the op session.

Spring has sprung (at least in Bureau)!  Started painting the plaster cloth until I had to break up a domestic dispute between my daughters.  Good thing though as my hands were really starting to hurt anyway.   Painting creates sharp pains up through my hands.  I'm not sure what causes it.  

Monday, May 2, 2011

Progress Report 05.02.11

Work has been very stressful over the past few days so progress has been sparse.  The situation at work seems to have taken some of the spark out of my desire to complete my To Do list before the next op session.  Many things will be placed on hold until after the anniversary op session.

Although, I did manage to install slide switches on the two recently installed turnouts.  Clean-up has begun pre-op session. 

Construction on the N&W Peoria Branch Extension / CNW Clinton, IA branch has been put on hold due to disagreements between the two general foremans.  CRI&P management will seek the expertise of fellow layout owners at the next op session.