Friday, January 6, 2012

Progress Report 01.06.12

Management is excited to see crews return to work after a long Christmas break.  Crews started back up in Blue Island.  Reviewing the new plans that were drafted shortly before crews went on break, the placement of track began.  The track alignment in this area is pretty complex.  It took a while just to cut the pieces to test fit before gluing.  It took over an hour to lay about 20" of mainline and siding plus the turnouts for the industrial spurs. 

I believe the worst is behind me.  The remaining track alignment is pretty straight forward so it shouldn't take as long to complete.  I'll be excited to run another train through the new Blue Island. 

It has been about three weeks since I worked on the layout.  I was starting to have withdrawals. 


Industry Changes

We're happy to report a new customer on the ROCK.  The Sunrise Feed Mill and Putnam Oil in Rock Island have been purchased by Sunrise Ag Services.  Sunrise Ag will be expanding operations shipping corn and soybeans via rail received from local farmers.  They will also offer bulk LP gas and fuel services.  A feed mill and fertilizer blend plant are also in the works.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ballast train arrives

Progress has been non-existant due to traveling over the holidays and now trying to play catch up at work.  Hopefully, I will get motivated enough by the end of the week to continue construction in Blue Island.  It is disturbing to know that the mainline is severed. 

The ballast train arrived from Smith & Sons over the Christmas break.  I nearly had a hernia carrying the 45lbs of ballast out to the car this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to starting scenery after we complete the Blue Island changes.