Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blue Island Design Update

I believe I have come up with a plan for Blue Island.  It will involve four diamonds, possible reverse switching and street running (on the siding).

See photos below for more information (lighting is horrible in the layout room at night - please forgive photo quality)

Mainline coming from Joliet on the right. 
Stand-in industries to fill the area. 
The industrial lead will cross the main with a 60 degree crossing
Mainline will curve around the back of the industries and head toward the front of the benchwork at an angle.
The background will be filled with some old four story apartment buildings

To the right of the photo is where the mainline straightens out after the curve (coming from Joliet).  The siding will open up just outside the photo on the right.  This is an double industrial crossing (former competing railroad line) protected by a tower.

Lumber mill located at double industrial crossing mentioned above.

Another view of the industrial crossing.  The square in the lower left quadrant will be the tower.  Across the main/siding will be the passenger station.  Against the wall will be Chicago Foods (building flat) with 7 to 8 car capacity.

Another view of the same industrial crossing.  The former competing railroad line crossing the main/siding, curves behind the freight house and in front of the Chicago Foods warehouse.  It reconnects with the mainline past the freight warehouse.  The freight warehouse will have an industrial lead with four car capacity off the mainline.

You can also see where the main (right) and siding split.  The mainline will run behind the two city blocks of city buildings.  The siding runs down the main road in front of the city buildings.  Both tracks go into two banks of four staging tracks each. 

A little better view of the separation of the main and siding. 

The track in the foreground is the siding (street running).  There will be connector track from the industrial (former competing railroad) lead into both the main and siding.  This will be controlled by a small signal tower.

Looking back toward the west.  Main and siding, industrial double crossing.

Industrial lead behind the freight house rejoins the main, plus crosses it to access the siding (right).

Also, you can view a glimpse of the nearly completely Davenport yard below.

Both main and siding will flare out into banks of four staging tracks.

A view of a messy Davenport yard.  Construction debris is everywhere on the layout.

Progress Report 08.18.10

Crews continued working in Davenport.  The fourth and fifth class tracks were laid.  Management tested the tracks and signed off with their approval.  Class tracks 1 through 3 still need short extension pieces added, but until we can acquire more rail joiners, that will have to wait.

Engineering moved up to Blue Island to start designing the track alignment there. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Progress Report 08.17.10

After the removal of Foreman Timmy from the property, crews were able to get back to work.  An orbital sander was brought into clean up the glue/cork residue from the subroadbed removal the previous night.  The orbital sander worked great creating a smooth surface for crews to work.  Management inspected the yard ladder which was installed last night.  All passed inspection.  Cork roadbed was laid for the five yard tracks and rail was laid for three of the five.  Davenport Yard is beginning to really take shape.  Crews are hoping to finish the yard soon before heading up to Blue Island.  The crews will return at a later date to complete the locomotive servicing facility.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Progress Report 08.16.10

Crews took Sunday as a day of rest after a hard push last week.  Tonight crews resumed work.  The yard ladder was laid, but after further review from management, it was decided that modifications were required.  The yard ladder was pulled up, a small section of track was added, and the yard ladder was relaid.  In the process a long section of glued subroadbed had to be sacrificed (pulled up) due to the modification.  It was somewhat extreme for such a small modification, but if management is not happy, nobody is happy!  Crews are blaming Foreman Timmy for the trouble.  He has been accused of sniffing  glue when laying the yard ladder originally.  Foreman A.T. has resumed responsibility of completing Davenport Yard. 

Construction crews completed the metal grain elevator in Stockdale this evening.