Monday, September 20, 2010

Project Change Report 09.19.10

Another project change report was received down from management.

Car Dept Report:
After consulting two other railroads and numerous attempts to repair the fleet of silverside passenger cars, the decision was made this evening to sell off the equipment.  It was quite disappointing as the cars were great lookers, but the performance quality is well below standard.  The CEO has come to an agreement with management at the Peconic Railroad to purchase six Wheels of Time passenger cars to replace the silversides.  A test train was run on Saturday and the cars passed with flying colors.  Management was also very pleased with the cadillac-smooth performance of the E7A.  There was some operational issues over some of the turnouts due to the six-axle trucks.  Peconic shops reports that the wheel sets probably need to be adjusted for proper gauge plus the fact that the turnouts presently don't have proper controls to allow for a good solid throw.

As crews tested the passenger equipment, times were recorded between station stops.  Below is the new passenger schedule:

 CRIP Passenger Schedule v1

Below is a staging inbound/outbound report along with a typical operating session time line of events for four operators:

Staging Blocking OS Notes

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Farewell to the Peconic Railroad

The CRI&P CEO had the pleasure of operating along side some of the great N Scale CEOs today on the final run of the Peconic Railroad.  It has been a pleasure operating on the HO and N scale versions of the Peconic Railroad.  The railroad has been such an inspiration to many even converting myself from the perils of HO scale.  It will be sad to see it go, but we are looking forward to the birth of the L&HR which will start construction in November. 

A special thanks to Larry Keller of the Peconic Railroad for inviting me to operate his layout.