Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crews Keep Pushing Forward

At the CRI&P, progress is key as crews keep pushing forward toward the goal of operating.  Reviewing our To Do list from three weeks ago:

Next projects on the agenda:

- Solder feeders to the bus wire - No work completed in this dept - track laying has been priority
- Install turnout at the wye at East Bureau (split for ovalix and Peoria Branch) - Complete
- Install cork roadbed for entire ovalix - Complete
- Design and potentially lay cork for Davenport - Partially Complete (Designed, but not fully laid)
- Design and cut subroadbed for remainder of the upper level - Complete
- Order more Micro Engineering Code 55 Track, one Tortoise switch machine, an additional (#7) LH curved turnout for the wye at the Peoria Branch/East Bureau - Partially Complete (no Tortoise ordered yet)
- Sell 86' Auto Parts Box Cars & Open Auto Racks - Complete
- Purchase N&W Coal Hoppers - Changed, but Complete - Ordered SP/RI 70 Ton Coal Hoppers

I guess we need to set some more goals!  :-)

Albeit progress has seemed slow to me, looking back over the timeline we have progressed at a great clip!  It is amazing what can be accomplished doing a little each evening!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Citizens of Joliet Rejoice!

Train service has returned to Joliet as track crews completed laying rail from East Stockdale to the west switch at Joliet, IL.  A new grain elevator has also been added between the two towns. 

 East Stockdale - Bridge over line in Joliet.

Melon Express sitting in Stockdale

Line downgrade from Stockdale into Joliet (switch in foreground)
New grain elevator added
Overview of the grade down from Stockdale into West Joliet.

Sorry for the mess on the benchwork.  I haven't had a chance to clean up lately (too busy laying track).