Saturday, November 17, 2012

Progress Report 11.17.12 - Finally, some real progress!

After an early curfew from doing nothing but being lazy downstairs (mom is spending the night - I retired to the layout room).  I thought about working on scenery but opted to keep working with these locomotives.  What a mess!  I worked on it for 1 1/2 hours, but managed to re-power the three GP7s with Bachmann chassis.  Adjusted all the coupler boxes as the Atlas shells sit higher on the Bachmann chassis.  Test ran the locomotives in various switching conditions and all work great.  Finally!!!  Progress!  The locomotive issues have been driving me insane lately.  I hate when things don't work right.  Now, maybe I can get out of my funk and move back to scenery.

The Atlas chassis will be sold for scrap to a customer on eBay that buys parts.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Progress Report 11.14.12 - Back Shop Report

I managed to make it back in the layout room for a second day in a row.  That's progress my friend!

Anywho, continued working with some of the troublesome locomotive fleet.  I believe I have the EMD E7 ready for service.  It seemed to be running better, but needed an adjustment on the coupler.  I had to glue the coupler pocket down, but should be good now.  If this locomotive makes it back into service, I will use this for the massive combined passenger train next session and move the FP7s to general freight service.

I worked on the Atlas GP7s a bit.  Those have always been troublesome.  I was hoping to get at least two working, but now I'm wondering if that is possible.  It appears those will most likely be moved on eBay.  Atlas is usually better than that.  I must have received a bad batch.

I'm still waiting on my decoder to come back from TCS.  Once that is in, I should be able to get the one GP40 back in service.

Last session, we ran 17 trains.  This session, I'm planning on only running 14 trains, but utilizing one crew member for full-time yard duty service.  Hopefully, it won't be too slow between trains.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Progress Report 11.13.12 - The Road to Nowhere

Whoa!  A post?  Holy cow it's been a long time!

Saturday, ROCK Management spent the day observing operations on Marcus Neubacher's Charleston, Roanoke & Eastern Railroad.  It was a great time and inspiring to see the scenery progressing.

Back on the range, I have been in a major funk lately and not sure why.  I think I must have some rare Asian flu or something.  I have just been exhausted and had no desire to do much of anything lately.  I need to get my groove back!

This evening, I finally made it back into the layout room.  No monumental progress was made.  I think the first 10 minutes or so, I simply stood around looking at everything.  Finally, flipped on the LED lights.  Sanded the new rural highway added between Peru and LaSalle, IL.  Also, sanded the driveway down to the Peru Water & Power Plant.

Majority of my locomotives are top notch and run like champs.  Then, I have a few that run horribly and need a lot of TLC.  I attempted to work on one tonight, but wasn't successful.  I spent majority of my time working with that.  I'm pretty frustrated with the poor performers.  I might just cut my losses and start unloading those on eBay.