Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Survey says...

Well I made it out of surgery okay.  No cancer was found.  The doctor also did not have to perform a hernia to access the site.  I still need to recover at home for a week, but I am very happy with the news!  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers!!  

Monday, April 6, 2015

The ROCK 3.0: Down and Out Report

Progress has been slow on the ROCK.  I managed to get the layout ready for the last proposed operating session, then came down with a bad cold and canceled.  The next op session is scheduled for April 18th.  I'm ready other than cleaning the track again.

In other news...
Well, as aforementioned vaguely in previous posts, I go in for surgery tomorrow.  What type of surgery you might ask?  Well, let me break it down like this.

I have two dear friends Pancho and Lefty.  A year ago Lefty decided he wasn't feeling well.  For whatever reason the pain continued to get worse until I finally broke down and went to the ER.  Various tests were run including an ultrasound.  You pregnant?  No, that was ruled out.  Anywho, they determined it was an infection, gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way.  I required a second dose of antibiotics, but in due time, things were back to normal with good ol' Lefty!  Happy Days again!

So, as part of the follow-up procedures with the doctor, a second ultrasound was ordered.  Lefty looked good, but Pancho didn't look so good.  I heard the words "tiger striping".  What the heck is that?  Anywho, they were concerned, but not overly concerned.  Another follow-up ultrasound was ordered for six months later.

That was this past September (ultrasound #3).  The unidentified object in Pancho was unchanged.  A fourth ultrasound was to be scheduled for six months later.

Six months later (this March), I had forgotten all about it.  My mom, who writes down everything, says, "Aren't you due for another ultrasound?"  Ya know, I think you're right.  I called up and scheduled the fourth ultrasound.  How exhausting.  I honestly felt this would be nothing and maybe the doctor would call off these six month interval ultrasounds.

So, I go back to the doctor for the follow-up appointment.  He has that serious look on his face.  I'm like....uhhhh.....  Well, the issue in Pancho has gotten worse.  It has got larger and completely unidentified.  Doc says, they need to biopsy it.  Considering its location, this is no easy task.  There are two ways you can biopsy it.  The way my doctor has chosen requires surgery where they actually give me a hernia (having one on your own is bad enough, a man-made one sounds worse).  They will take a biopsy and test it.  If all good, Pancho goes home a happy man.  If cancerous (yep, the doctor dropped the C word on me), or even a maybe, off with Pancho's head so to speak.

I hope the ROCK's insurance is good!

So, I will be out for a week or so while I recover.  Why did I tell you all this?  Well, to serve as a Public Service Announcement.  Boys, get your junk tested if you sense there is any problems.  It could save your life.  I wouldn't have known about the issue unless I went to the doctor when I first experienced the pain with Lefty.  I consider myself lucky that they found all this so early.

So, I leave you with this....My forecast for the remainder of the week....Living with a hernia...