Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Day on the ROCK: Part IX

A continuation of a Day on the ROCK: Part IX

The crew for #221 Blue Island Turn arrives in Chicago.  Their power for today will be a single ALCO RS2.
Looking over our paperwork, it appears we have seven cars to deliver today.
The headlight on the RS2 is brighter than the sun.  #221 down the middle of the street in Blue Island, IL
#221 by C-5 Tower in Blue Island, IL
#221 spotting two box cars at Blue Island Freight House
#221 heading back east to back down the industrial branch.
#221 backing down the industrial lead
#221 backing down the industrial lead crossing the mainline at C-5 Tower in Blue Island, IL
#221 just set off a box car at Oberholtzer & Sons.
#221 picking up an empty bulkhead flat from Midwest Lumber Co. 
#221 sets off one car for Midwest Lumber and then backs across the main to get the rest of his train.  In the meantime, a parade of trains make their way to Blue Island.


#2 departs Joliet, IL passing by JD Tower.
#2 arriving in Blue Island, IL
#2 by C-5 Tower in Blue Island as #221 waits for permission across the main.
Railfans were hanging out on the roof tops of nearby buildings to get this shot of #2 through Blue Island, IL
#2 stretched across Blue Island as it enters Burr Oak Yard in Chicago.

#217 rolls by the station in Joliet behind #2 on the way back to Chicago.
#217 by the station in Joliet, IL
#217 by JD Tower in Joliet, IL
Jack Neubacher flies over JD Tower to get this overhead shot of #217 departing Joliet, IL
#217 by C-5 Tower in Blue Island, IL as #221 continues to wait.
#217 street running through Blue Island, IL

#217 yards the train in South Burr Oak Yard wrapping up another day on the ROCK.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Day on the ROCK: Part VIII

A continuation of a Day on the ROCK: Part VIII

#217 by Joliet Grain Co.
#217 by the station at Stockdale, IL
#217 meeting #113 Joliet Turn in Stockdale.  Honestly, I had forgotten this local was still out on the road.  Today they rated as no class by the dispatcher.  Oops!
#217 slipping by #113 on the main.  #217 will take the diverging route onto the Ottawa Branch at the switch at the bottom of the photo.
#217 Ottawa Branch Turn has left the Rock Island main as it will thrash around on the branch line for a while.
#217 pulling up to the Illinois Valley Grain elevator to pickup two cars.
#217 picking up the two cars at the elevator.
#217 passing by the Central Stone Company plant.  Looks like we have quite a few loads of limestone to pick up today.
#217 pulling the first cut of limestone hoppers out.
#217 picks up a total of five loads of limestone to take back to Chicago.
#217 pulls back onto the mainline as #2 slips by on the siding.
#217 and #2 by the Hwy 104 Crossing in Stockdale, IL
The two train crews pass pleasantries as #2 pulls ahead on the way to Joliet, IL
#217 by the Joliet Grain elevator.

Meanwhile, #2 Tucumcari, NM to Chicago freight departs Davenport crossing the Mississippi River.
#2 crosses the creek behind Franklin Farms
#2 by Franklin Farms
#2's Caboose by Franklin Farms
#2 rolls through Rock Island, IL
#2's caboose by Barlow Pharmacy in Rock Island, IL
#2 by Sister Hill in Bureau, IL
#2 rolls through Stockdale as the #217 Ottawa Branch turn is making its way back to the mainline to return to Chicago.
#2 by the Hwy 104 Crossing in Stockdale, IL
#2 passing through Stockdale, IL on the upper level.
#2 arrives at the west switch of Joliet, IL
#2 arrives in Joliet as #113 is starting its work in town.
#2 at the station in Joliet, IL

#113 receives permission from the dispatcher down to the siding at Joliet, IL
#113 arriving back in Joliet.  The local still has a few trailing switch spurs to work before calling it a day.