Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Progress Report 02.21.12

With Management tied up with the OSHA review over in Davenport, the track gang was able to make good progress today.   All twelve of the slide switches were installed between this morning and after work.  Another item completed on the To Do list.

Engineering is expected to return to work on Friday after their safety training is completed and all crew members are certified.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome to the ROCK: 0 Days without an Accident

The ROCK's Engineering Department has been pulled off duty to process the stacks of OSHA paperwork due to the incident with a crew member yesterday.  Engineering is required to complete three days of safety training to avoid any issues in the future.  It is reported that the employee's wounds are healing ok.  The CEO hung the revised sign in the shop today.

In the meantime, the Track Gang commenced work preparing for slide switch installation.  They drilled 12 holes for slide switches, 2 holes for tortoise switch machines (for the Joliet crossover) and the throwbar holes in the all the slide switches.  Crews are expected to begin installation tomorrow.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Progress Report 02.19.12

Last night, I ripped out the cardboard strip/plaster cloth scenery at East Rock Island and around the Mississippi River valley.  Worked on cutting and shaping the styrofoam in this area.  Last night, I managed to rip the Shur-Form tool across my finger nail.  It shapes those too.  No major issue though.

This morning, I applied plaster to the new landscape in East Rock Island.  I filled in most of the gaps between the existing scenery and the new fascia board on the lower peninsula.  I also filled in a low spot of the road in front on the Franklin Farms' house.

This evening, I continued working on shaping the Mississippi River valley including building up the landscape for the bridge abutments on the east shore of the river.  During the process, I managed to run the box cutter across the palm of my hand.  Much more blood with this incident.  Initially, it appeared that the ROCK would be paying out an OSHA claim as I might require stitches.  I was able to get the bleeding under control and nurse the wound.  All seems fine now.

My wife stated, "So, I'm guessing you are done in the railroad room tonight."  I agreed.  About an hour later, I found myself itching to do something.  So, I went back upstairs and determined I could paint the fascia with one hand.  So, I commenced and completed the task.  Another item off my To Do list.  ROCK management applauds the efforts and dedication of their crews.