Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope all enjoy the long weekend with family and friends.  I'm hoping to get a little modeling in this weekend.  I'll update progress later.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The ROCK 3.0: Progress Report 11.25.13

This evening, I worked on a few minor projects.  I built the ramp (from the mainline) into the west end of Ottawa Yard.  I also worked on the mainline bridges over the creek under the yard.  This is just the rough cuts, but it will give you an idea of what it will look like.

I need to pick up another tub of plaster tomorrow.  I'm nearly out.  Tonight, I was working on Mill Street and the plant entrance to Westclox.  I love building new roads!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The ROCK 3.0: Weekend Report 11.22.13 - 11.24.13 plus Lighting Update

This morning, I worked on the layout.  I installed more track on Main Two including two turnouts (West end Belrose Silica and half the East Utica crossover).

This evening, I cut and shaped more track.  Main One is now complete around the corner to just shy of the turnout entering Ottawa Yard.

I painted and added bushes and grass in the creek that goes under Ottawa Yard.

I added the side supports for Mill Street in Utica so I can apply some plaster tomorrow.


I was busy most of the day, but did continue laying track on Main Two around the curve from Utica up to the creek under Ottawa Yard.  I'm one piece of track away from completing the mainline on Main Two.

Pics of the progress...


I didn't work on much today, but did turn my focus to the lighting.  As you might remember, on the first layout I used 16 foot LED light strips mounted to a 2x2/1x3 canopy supported by metal brackets.  It worked well, but for some of my taller operators the canopy could block their line of sight.  With the new layout room, I added some artwork and memorabilia to the walls.  I didn't want to block this with the previous canopy.  Today, I mounted a LED strip to a 1x4 and tested the lighting situation.  The lighting will work just fine mounted to the ceiling.  I was concerned the LED lights wouldn't have enough power to reach the layout.  I was pleasantly surprised it worked really well.  The sky blue walls are reflecting the light vs. the previous dark red lights that absorbed the light.  Here are some sample pics.

Taken at 4:30pm this afternoon with no lights on in the room.

LED light strip mounted to a 1x4 held up at the ceiling while my daughter took the photo.  Dramatic difference as it lights up the layout and blue wall backdrop nicely.

This evening, I worked on adding plaster to Mill Street in Utica.