Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rebuilt RS2s Arrive on the CRI&P

CRI&P Management is very pleased with delivery of the Peconic Rebuilt RS2s.  Four units have had electronic upgrades and outfitted with new paint and decals.  The quality of work provided by Peconic Shops is outstanding!

Our company photographer was on scene at Davenport today photographing the new units.

A special thanks to Larry Keller of the Peconic Railroad.  His dedication to the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific is unmatched!  Thank you Larry!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Progress Report 08.13.10

Continued progress...
Joliet - Upon arrival of the rail train from Maryland crews quickly went to work.  All industrial trackage at Joliet is complete along with the main and siding.  The CB&Q local served as a test train switching all the industrial trackage.  All have passed inspection.  Joliet is my favorite place to hang out on the local so far.  Awesome switching opportunities there.

Rock Island - Industrial track has been cut and temporarily in place.  A local has worked the industrial trackage.  All have passed preliminary testing.  The track will be permanently affixed later this weekend.

Our company photographer was in the area today providing the photos below:
CB&Q Crossing
(CB&Q Left / Rock Island Right)
Joliet, Illinois

CB&Q Crossing
Joliet, Illinois

American Service Company
Coal Unloading Track
Joliet, Illinois

Joliet, Illinois
American Can Company (White Paper)
  w/ receiving in rear, load tracks in front

American Service Co.
Coal bridge (background)

Joliet, Illinois
Another view of the industrial trackage

Joliet, Illinois
Midwest Paper Stock Co. (Left)

Joliet, Illinois
American Service Company
Coal unloading track

Joliet, Illinois
Industrial Trackage
Town Station (foreground)

Joliet, Illinois
View of CB&Q Crossing from East

Joliet, Illinois
CB&Q Crossing

Stockdale (upper level)
Joliet (lower level)

Rock Island, Illinois

Main road through Rock Island, Illinois

Rock Island, Illinois

Rock Island, Illinois
Produce Distributor

Progress Report 08.12.10 + Goals

More progress to report. 

The CB&Q line at Joliet has been completely installed including the junction with the Rock Island Railroad.  CB&Q officials sent out at test freight this evening and approved of the new trackage.

The Rock Island main was glued down from the underpass to just past the CB&Q interchange switch. 

The industrial area in Joliet was cleaned out some track was cut in preparation for final installation.

CRI&P Goals (before Nov 20th, 2010):
  • Design Blue Island track configuration
  • Purchase and complete all track installation for Phase I
  • Drop and solder all feeder wires
  • Purchase and install all tortoise switch machines
    • Industrial Trackage will need slide switches installed, but this can wait
  • Paint and install blue backdrop for entire layout
  • Purchase and install all decoders for remaining locomotives
  • Install low profile wheel sets, cut all trip pins on all cars
  • Purchase/install DCC plug-in jacks
  • Purchase/borrow additional throttle
  • Install, paint fascia.
    • Install waybill boxes
  • Create waybills, stage layout
  • Inaugural Operating Session Nov 20th, 2010
    • Day 224 of N Scale
    • 173 Days since first board was cut (just under 6 months)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Progress Report 08.11.10

Progress continues as always...

Tuesday ~
After enduring lengthy disputes between the CRI&P's two Engineering Foreman's (A.T. & Timmy), finally an agreement was made on the track alignment for Joliet.  Roadbed was re-aligned and the originally installed West Joliet switch was relocated.  Track crews were then able to prepare the roadbed (cork) for the main and siding down to the CB&Q crossing.  The main track was then laid from the West Joliet switch down to the underpass just beyond the CB&Q crossing.  Two test trains (passenger/freight) were operated over the new track with success.

Wednesday ~
Car Department reports that 12 of the estimated 30 cars have received the new low profile wheel sets.

Sales Department reports that Joliet Grain Company (located between Joliet and Stockdale) completed construction (Walthers Farmers Coop Kit) today.  Track crews were on scene this evening laying the spur trackage.  Track capacity is 5 cars.

Track crews laid 75% of the siding at Joliet.  Crews are awaiting a switch required to complete the siding.  The storage/interchange track at Joliet was installed.  Track capacity is 6 to 8 cars depending on length.  Crews prepared the roadbed past the underpass halfway to Blue Island. 

Late this evening, crews cut and prepared the track for welding from the underpass toward Blue Island just pass the CB&Q switch. 

CRI&P Management praises the efforts of the construction crews. 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Progress Report 08.09.10

Progress continues on the CRI&P. 

Engineering is at Joliet working out the final track alignment and agreements with industries. 

Left to right starting with the cork is the siding, main, storage track (6 to 7 car capacity)

White paper is American Can Co.  O.L. King & Sons in the back ground. 

Walthers Superior Paper Mill  to the left.  Receiving for American Can in the rear of the building.

I'm looking at placing the Lumber Mill between the rear American Can lead (off the main) and track curving toward the foreground for the Superior Paper Mill.

CB&Q Connection in Joliet.  Single track crossing. 

Work crews have re-focused their attention on the industrial trackage back in Davenport and Rock Island.  All industrial trackage in Davenport minus any future additions behind the yard throat has been installed.  Crews then moved further up the line to Rock Island.  Crews are waiting on some more pre-fab turnouts to arrive to complete the Rock Island trackage.  While waiting, crews will most likely move up the line to Bureau and Stockdale to complete industrial trackage in both of these locations.

Continental Grain Elevator at Davenport
Fruit Distributor (right)

Fruit Distributor (left)
Continental Grain Elevator in background

Industrial Park in East Davenport

Another view of the East Davenport Industrial Park