Thursday, October 20, 2011

Progress Report 10.20.11

Installed 25 track bumpers at industries on the layout.  This has been greatly needed since the addition of metal wheels on cars.  Cars have been known to free roll right off the spur! 

More prototypical than the previous bumper seen in the background.

Added some birdshot weight and MTL trucks to some Delaware Valley Rock Island 50' Airslides.

Installed some more sidewalks in Peoria.  This weekend, I hope to work on the structure for the Peoria Journal Star.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Progress Report 10.19.11

This morning, I completed the fire escape ladder and platforms on the Johnson Milling Co. kit.  I failed to mention I had a chance to use my $20 (yard sale find) Black & Decker dremel tool last night in construction.  The tool plus a jumbo kit of accessories for $10 is already coming in handy. 

I also started construction on the Blair Line Leeton Depot laser kit.  This kit will serve as the Rock Island station.  It is also my last passenger station to be constructed.

Here's a photo of the unpainted structure.

Yesterday, I laid down some ballast in a short test section on the Clinton Iowa branch.  The results were well received by management.  It is rumored a ballast train might be ordered soon for delivery to the ROCK.  I have only attempted to lay ballast once prior on a HO layout.  That didn't go well, but that was a long time ago.  I believe my skillset has improved greatly since then so I'm looking forward to the new challenge of scenery!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Report 10.18.11

Construction began on the new Johnson Milling Company facility in Rock Island, IL this morning.  Production is expected to grow tenfold.  Rock Island residents applaud the jobs created and increased business of the town's major producer.  Johnson Milling Co. had scheduled a parade earlier this afternoon to celebrate, but a Rock Island freight train went on the law blocking all the town's crossings. 

Pictures of the new facility.

Johnson Milling Co towers over the downtown Rock Island buildings

Johnson Milling Company has two spots.  Previously only one spot was switched (bulk flour).  With the construction of the new facility, the plant will also start shipping bagged flour via box car.

Although big industry is making a bold presence in Rock Island,
you can still find sources of the small town's roots as with the A. Barlow Pharmacy on Main St.

A. Barlow Pharmacy is renown as one of the best places to railfan the ROCK.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Progress Report 10.17.11

Worked on adjusting CV values on a consist of locomotives.  Weathered 32 cars today!  Some samples of the weathering.  Sorry about the quality of pics.  My camera and I haven't been agreeing lately.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Progress Report 10.16.11

Finished installing the details on the Peoria Cordage Company.  Installed sidewalks further down SW Washington St. 

The last concrete truck rolling out after pouring the sidewalks on SW Washington St. in Peoria.

A view of the new industrial track alignment.  Peoria Cordage is the new building on scene.  The gondola is parked in front of S. Lucas & Sons Steel.  A two spot area will be fenced in using a BLMA chain link fence kit along the sidewalk to just short of Peoria Cordage's driveway.

An elevated view showing the spur for Peoria Cordage (40' foot box unloading hemp fibers for rope production).  In the distance is the Peoria Journal Star's lead.

A view of Peoria Cordage from the reverse side.

Another view of the S. Lucas & Sons Steel spur.  The building itself won't be modeled
(just a fenced in spur).