Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Solo Op Session Notes 06.08.11

Continued the solo op session this morning.  The grain train that rusted to the rails at Rock Island finally bust free.  Yarded the train at Davenport using the new #3 through track.  The train was yarded efficiently.

While the power moved to the fueling pad, the yard job quickly moved in and sorted the cars.  A cut of east cars were shoved down to West Davenport for the XtrFE2 to run later in the afternoon. 

Ran the Peoria Local.  The yard job shoved the train out to the west yard.  The crew picked up their power from the ready track and headed out.  It made a huge difference having the yard crew block the local.  Even with the blocking, the local still takes time to run at prototypical speeds. 

Yarded the train after performing my work at East Davenport Industrial Park by pulling into West Davenport and backing into the yard.  

I'm really liking the new Davenport terminal design.  Ops are greatly improved.

A snapped a few photos this evening.

The West Pig Train stops at Davenport Station for a crew change passing the eastbound loaded coal train.

A telephoto view from the railfan overlook at the far east end of Davenport Yard.

A view of the crew change from the yard tower.

Another view of the crew change from the industrial park road.

Look at that shiny new "Boom Time" blue caboose!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The New Carrie Ave Shops

ROCK Management is happy to report that the newly rebuilt Carrie Ave Shops are open for business!  After a seemingly long work schedule, crews were able to complete the remaining trackwork this evening.  Work remaining includes slide switch installation along with dropping feeders on all the newly laid track.

The new Carrie Ave Shops
I cut one of the former shop buildings nearly in half.

Overlook of the facility. 
(Front to Back) Caboose Track, Thoroughfare, Sand+Fuel / Ready Track, Sand+Fuel / Back Shop

The facility already has numerous power sets on site.

Numerous changes to West Davenport.
Crossover reversed, new mainline added to the left, two industries added,
yard ladder is now off the siding track, west entrance for Carrie Ave Shops,
switching of the Continental Grain Co and Iowa Ready Mix swapped spots.

Another view of the revised yard ladder

New scrap metal facility along the Mississippi River

New Interstate Chemical Facility and New Mainline 

A view of the new Carrie Ave Shops from atop the Continental Grain Co.

Another aerial view of Carrie Ave Shops from atop the Iowa Ready Mix.