Saturday, April 6, 2013

Progress Report 04.06.13 - Layout Re-Staging Complete - Weighing in

Today, I had the pleasure of operating in 1967 on Larry Keller's Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad layout.  I worked as the Warwick Yardmaster first shift and out on the road for second shift.  It was an awesome time with a great bunch of guys.

This evening, I completed re-staging the layout.  I also started pulling trains out to add weight to all the cars.  My goal is to add weight to every car on the layout before the next operating session.

I have sent out some feelers on a date for the next op session in May.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Enter Sandman: Ottawa Dreams

I've been slowly re-staging the layout.  I have been slowed down by the fact that I'm actually using a switcher locomotive to move cars around vs. the five-finger method.  It's more entertaining.  I figure I'm in no rush, so why not have some fun.

No progress has been made on the layout as I'm waiting for re-staging to be complete.

In the mean time, I have continued to have dreams of a new Ottawa.  This new Ottawa would consume the entire layout room though!

Continuing my post on notes of the ROCK v2.0 from the other day, here is a drawing I created.

The job working the Silica plant and L-O-F would be quite busy.  Add a Burlington Northern local into the mix and it would get real interesting.  

For the rest of the layout, I would run the tracks around the outside of the room modeling Utica and LaSalle. A local would be based out of LaSalle to service Belrose Silica and Philadelphia Quartz in Utica as well as Maze Lumber, Westclox and the Peru Power & Water plant.  The local would travel to Ottawa yard, exchange cars and head back.  I would run random RI freights during the session around the loop tracks.  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Looking for the RailModel Journal September 1989 Issue

I found out from a modeler of the CB&Q of the Ottawa, IL area, that there was a series of articles of sand operations in Ottawa, IL in the RailModel Journal's July, August and September issues.  I have found the July and August issues online at for free, but they are missing the September issue.  If anyone can help me locate it, it would be greatly appreciated!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Death of the ROCK 1980

Today, marks the 33rd anniversary of the death of the ROCK when it ceased operations in 1980.  Good thing the ROCK is still alive in layouts like Allen Heimsoth's The Little Rock Line, my Rock Island: Illinois Division and many more.

I haven't completed much work on the layout.  Mainly, when I get a chance, I have been working on re-staging the layout.  Once I finish, I will start working on adding weight to cars.  I have a shipment of 1/4oz weights arriving soon for the project.

Happy Easter to everyone.