Saturday, March 9, 2013

Progress Report 03.07.13 thru 03.09.13 - Preparation for Operation Session #10

Thursday, I worked on preparing for operating session #10.  We will be operated as March 23rd, 1978.  I prepared the timetable, Joe Jack Report and train line-up for session.

Progress has been slow on the railroad.  I have spent a lot of time just tinkering with the locomotives.  I became frustrated the other night as it seemed that all my locomotives (even good running ones) were having performance issues.  I would clean them with the Minitrix wheel cleaner, clean the track, but still ran horribly.

I then remembered the video I saw on my friend Ben Earp's site.  He provided a tip on using alcohol wipes to clean the locomotive wheels.  I had use cotton swabs and alcohol over 15 years ago, but completely forgot about trying that.  You have to remember, I haven't been back in the hobby, but for a few years.  All of my locomotives ran well with the light cleaning from the Minitrix cleaner, but now they required a more deep cleaning.  I picked up some alcohol wipes Friday while running errands.  I tried it that afternoon.  It was quick and easy.  The results.... phenomenal.  I tried it on a few more locomotives and cleaning the track in a small area.  I was amazed by how much dirt came off on the pads.  Excellent tip Ben!  Here's a link to his video so you can check it out.

Thanks again Ben for providing quality videos!  

This evening, I installed Micro Trains couplers on five more locomotives.  I thought I got them all the other day, but I was wrong.  My bad!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Progress Report 03.05.13 - Minor Ballast Work

This evening, I continued to clean up in Ottawa putting away tools and such.  I also put away a bunch of waybills that needed to be filed.

While milling around in the layout room, I couldn't resist from doing a little more work.  I ballasted the BN interchange track and locomotive facility track in Ottawa.

I then noticed some imperfections in the ballast in Bureau below.  I had meant to go back and clean that up.  So, I worked on that too including ballasting a short 8 or 9" section between two previously ballasted areas at the East Switch of Bureau.