Friday, May 24, 2013

The Rock Island v2.0 - The Rule Book

I've processed through four virtual operating sessions now.  I've come to the conclusion we need some rules for crews to adhere to while operating.  Here is what I have come up with so far.

ROCK 2.0 Rules

Rule #1 – All trains entering or crossing the mainline must obtain permission from the Rock Island dispatcher. 

Rule #2 - If your train requires to work on the mainline, you must contact the dispatcher to receive a work order via the rules of Time Table and Train Order.

Rule #2b – Upon receiving the work order, the crew must place flags and appropriate fusees in either direction to protect the train and crew.

Rule #3 – At no time may a locomotive enter or pass-through a building.  Crews must use spacer cars when such a situation arises.

Rule #4 – At no time may a car loaded with explosives be spotted or pass-through any structure. 

Rule #5 – A caboose will be required on all trains on all freight and local trains.  

I've been thinking too.  To add interest to the crew operating the #118 LaSalle Turn, passenger operations would be in affect.  I have found that when operating this train, you often have to leave a portion of your train out on the mainline.  This would limit the location and time you could store your train on the mainline.