Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Progress Report 04.11.12 / Line Abandonment / Industry Change

Last night and this morning, I have worked on cleaning up the waybill sorting tray.  It was really dusty from the construction last month.  Plus, many things have changed since originally converting to this CC&WB method requiring new waybills and the purging of existing ones.

Line Abandonment Filing
The ROCK has filed a motion with the ICC to abandon the Clinton, Iowa line.  The line sees little traffic and has been deemed unprofitable.  During op sessions, the train is rarely run.  What little traffic that the line does see simply gets in the way in Davenport.  The line will be severed about a mile outside of Davenport.  The remaining portion will be used as a yard lead for Davenport Yard.

Industry Changes
F/S Illinois Farm Supply has terminated their lease with the ROCK.

Daniel Grain Company (named after my father) is moving off the Clinton, Iowa line to Bureau.  With the recently vacated real estate where the passenger station once stood, the former F/S Illinois Farm Supply spur can be extended down to allow for a small grain elevator with 2 to 3 spots.

Otis Elevator and Quad Cities Times will now be served by the Davenport Yard Job.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Progress Report 04.10.12

Crews returned to work today.  Sanded down the roads in Bureau, trimmed and painted.

Worked on the mysterious short that occurred to the train order signals / tortoise switch machines during the last session.  I found that there was a short behind one of the train order control panels.  Used some liquid electrical tape to isolate the wires behind all the train order control panels.   Re-mounted the control panels and tested.  All works again!  Hopefully, we won't have any other problems.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Progress Report 04.07.12

Finished the few changes in Blue Island as mentioned in an earlier blog post.  Bureau has seen some development down by the wye.  The station was relocated to the wye prior to the last session.  Since then, a new road has been added, a post office for the town, plus a driveway and parking lot to access the new station.

Construction crews have come up with a plan for the Libbey-Owens-Ford (L-O-F) plant in Ottawa.  Construction on this project will commence soon.