Thursday, March 31, 2016

The ROCK 3.0: Peoria & Eastern GP7 - Part II

Today, I decalled up the Peoria & Eastern GP7 #5628.  I've only found a few photos online, but it appears the P&E simply took Penn Central GP7s and added their logo where they saw fit.  I like the arrangement on this one.  For the second one, I'll mix it up a bit.

Tru-Color TCP-010 Black

Microscale 60-1098 - Penn Central Non-Standard Boxcar Lettering (for Peoria & Eastern)
Microscale 60-84 - Penn Central Diesels (1968-1976)

I'm so glad I decided to try custom painting.  I might not be the best at it yet, but working hard to figure it out.  I really love having some custom pieces nobody else has.  :-)

I was planning on painting the second P&E GP7 this weekend, but noticed the one I purchased off eBay didn't match the description.  Waiting on the replacement now.  This weekend, I plan on working on some other projects though.

- Four CPC International Tank Cars
- Repair of one CPC International Tank Car (fix paint line)
- Atlas P&PU S2.
- Possible TP&W C424s.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The ROCK 3.0: Peoria & Eastern GP7

Well, after being knocked completely on my butt by a sinus cold/flu type deal for five days, I finally got out to paint the Atlas GP7 shell tonight.  I painted using Tru-Color Black and added a gloss coat.  It is now ready for decals.