Thursday, July 18, 2013

The ROCK 2.0 - The Bridge

Today at lunch, I was thinking about the bridge I plan on constructing for the layout.  I constructed a bridge for my wife's grandfather about 10 years ago out of balsa wood to commemorate his days of being a bridge painter for the Norfolk & Western Railway.  So, my plan is to construct another bridge for 2.0.  Here's one design I'm thinking about...

Here's a pic of the bridge I made for my wife's Grandpa Eulice.  

In other news, I picked up a cheap airbrush tonight.  The reviews were pretty good considering it was very low cost.  I figure if anything it will be a good one to learn on.  I'm excited to try airbrushing.  It is definitely an art I have desired to learn for some time!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The ROCK 2.0 - Progress Report 07.15.13

Nothing too exciting to report as I'm sorting through stuff as I'm slowly moving it back into the room and/or moving it into position.  I have a lot of railroad memorabilia and other random stuff that I'm going to get rid of.  I will be listing some stuff here for sale if anyone is interested.  Feel free to make an offer. Here's a list to start:

Union Pacific System Timetable No 3, Effective April 27, 1986
Union Pacific System Timetable No 7, Effective October 29, 1989
Union Pacific System Timetable No 7, Effective July 17, 1983
Burlington Route Form 2 Delivery Receipts
The Alton Railroad Delivery Receipts
Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division Timetable No 8, Effective October 28, 1990
Norfolk Southern Illinois Division Timetable No 1, Effective March 31, 1991
Norfolk Southern Virginia Division Timetable No 5, Effective April 26, 1998
Norfolk Southern Kentucky Division Timetable No 11, Effective February 16, 1997
Norfolk Southern Tennessee Division Timetable No 5, Effective February 18, 1990
Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division Timetable No 18, Effective February 28, 1999
CNW System Map
Union Pacific System Timetable No 6, Effective May 15, 1988
Union Pacific System Timetable No 1, Effective April 28, 1985
CNW System Timetable No 11, Effective November 18, 1990
Gulf Mobile & Ohio RR Remittance Form
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Western Division Timetable No 7, Effective October 20, 1963
Burlington Northern Interoffice Envelopes
Burlington Northern Bad Order Report Forms
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Passenger and Express Train Report
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Conductor's OS Report
Train Watcher's Map of Chicago (came out with a book back in the early 90s)
EJ&E Bad Order Forms
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Envelopes
The Alton Railroad Requisition for Material Forms
Trains Magazine October 1974
Trains Magazine September 1974
CRI&P Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen of America Book, Effective July 1, 1952
Rock Island Lines Railroad Radio Communication System Rules, Effective August 1, 1956
CRI&P Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen Governing Hours of Service and Working Conditions and Pay Rate Book, Effective July 1, 1952.
CRI&P Illinois Division Timetable No 1., Effective October 30, 1966
This was the Rock Island: Train Action on the Illinois Division 1975-1980 DVD
Rock Island The "Rockets" Defy Discontinuance The 1970s DVD
King Coal Powder River Rails and Mines and Powder River Basin Coal Trains DVD
The V&O Story by Allen McClelland Book
Rock Island Diesel Locomotives 1930-1980 Book

In other news, I ordered the materials to scratchbuild two scale gauntlet tracks.  Here's a photo of an example (station track, but you get the idea).  For those that don't know, locomotives are not allowed to run over the scales.  This allows the locomotive or other cars if needed to bypass the scale track (which would be the divergent route).

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The ROCK 2.0 - Paint Complete!

My wife Carrie helped me paint Saturday.  Hats off to Valspar Paint.  The primer and signature paint did well covering the red in one coat.

The room is definitely brighter now.  We will remove the window coverings in the room to replace ones broken in the girls' room.  We will replace with Gila Window film.  We used this on some windows downstairs with great results.  This will cut down on heat while still allowing light in the room.

I'm very happy to have this behind me.  I used to paint a lot, but it really does a number on my hands now.  I just don't care for it anymore.  A special thanks to Carrie for all her hard work this weekend with the project.