Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress Report 10.20.10

I really loathe slide switch installation.  They can be highly temperamental.  I managed to get another one installed tonight.  What a pain in the butt!!  Maybe one day I will have the process down, but for now, I wrestle with each one.  I could lay the CNW branchline, but I'm forcing myself to continue the slide switch installations as I need those for the op session.

Slide Switch Progress Report
Rock Island West & East end installed
Stockdale West & East end installed
Joliet West & East end installed

Remaining main/siding turnouts requiring slide switch installation (before op session)
Davenport - 2x Industrial Leads
Davenport Yard Ladder - 9x Yard Ladder
Rock Island - 1x Industrial Lead
Bureau - 2x Industrial Leads
Stockdale - 3x Industrial Leads
Joliet - 3x Industrial Leads
Joliet - 2x CB&Q Trackage
Blue Island - 3x Siding, Crossover
Blue Island - 4x Industrial Leads
Both Staging Yards

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Progress Report 10.08.10 to 10.19.10

Sorry for the lack of reports lately.  We have been busy with family, the girls' birthday plus all four family members sick.

Installed the seven throttle jacks and tested.

The room and layout itself have been thoroughly cleaned and organized.  All cars were matched with car cards and waybills and placed on the layout ready for the operating session. 

Installed the waybill boxes for both staging yards.

Installed another slide switch tonight at West Stockdale, IL.

The track definitely needs to be cleaned, but everything is coming together nicely for the inaugural op session.