Thursday, July 12, 2012

Progress Report 07.11.12

I managed to make some progress on the layout this evening.  I cranked up the 80's station on the internet radio and went to work.  I installed the subroadbed from east Bureau up to Peru.  I will be adding a bridge just east of the Bureau switches.  I have the subroadbed cut and in place for Peru/LaSalle, but haven't installed yet.  The subroadbed is also cut for the turn at the end of the layout heading up to Utica.  I feel like I'm engineering the Clinchfield Loops as I keep making adjustments to risers and giving everything the once over with the skunk eye.    We're well on our way to closing the gap between the upper and lower levels.  I'll be glad when the subroadbed is complete so I can start laying track again.  


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